Friday, July 21, 2006

Somalia: Islamist militia hold gay pride event

Aside from their vicious conquest of much of Somalia and their threat of Holy War against Ethiopia, the Islamist militia in Somalia shocked the world even further today by holding what is believed to be the first gay pride event in Islamic history. Literally thousands turned out for the event, some sporting an array of surprisingly modern sex toys such as the i-Punt Anal Intruder 4000 with integrated MP3 player (pictured right).

Participant Umbogo Muhammad DongaWanga told journalists "Everybody has idea we just here to be trouble, but really we people too and we so happy like all when we have big cock". Many could be seen sporting costumes ranging from Wizard of Oz get-ups to Kylie Minogue impersonators as thousands danced in the street.

"In west say make love not war" said militia seargent Gypsum al-Bombastic, "but here we make war and we make love. We gonna fuck everybody" he finished with a smile.

The Palestinian government, Hamas, are so far the only Islamic group to strongly condem Somalias gay pride movement, which uses the cresent and chocolate starfish insignia. Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar (photo right) told journalists "Homosexuals are very bad - if it continues we may suffer shortages of children to use as bombs against the kuffar. Qur'an and ahadith say very strong, no faggots. Sex with children ok, like Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), but sex with another man is immoral. Death to Israel! Death to all Jews!".

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