Monday, November 12, 2007

All go

Just thought I'd add a quick note about what I'm up to and why I've not been replying to comments. I've spent a few days in England. I returned back home to Spain just in time for my birthday and went out for dinner with my new girlfriend. It was all very nice. To my complete surprise some friends turned up at the end of the meal with a huge space cake, which meant things then turned into a party. It really was a potent cake resulting in everyone having a good time, numerous conversations that will never be deciphered, some extremely bad dancing and finally one guy taking a little trip to hospital. He was fine and the visit only led to further laughter since one of those responsible for the cake is also a member of the ambulance service. The following day saw another party - no casualties.

So, it's all been good fun and I've just not been spending time online because I've had other things to do. Thanks to everyone that's left comments. I'll be responding over the next couple of days. Rhology has left some incredible nonsense on the "Might is not Right" post below which might even warrant a dedicated article. We'll see.

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