Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No blogging

I'm not saying I won't be blogging again but I'm in no hurry. I've been doing some travelling and a lot of reading. My mind is on other things. Writing about the benefits and reasons for atheism could become an obsession, just as much as researching the madness of religion has already. It's an obsession that I just don't have time for if I am also to have any sort of a life right now.

I'm in the process of looking for a short term rental nearer to where I am already in the process of looking for a property to buy. It'll make house hunting easier and it will more rapidly fulfill my desire to get out of the sleepy little black hole I am in now. This must take precedence over blogging, as must my other activities such as work. I've also set myself the task of learning 20 languages to add to my existing 2.1. As much as I enjoy the blogsphere I think that these other activities are more productive for me personally and thus more deserving of my time.

In addition to all of this is the simple fact that everything I am saying has been said before or is being said by many others simultaneously. It's pretty much a watered down, detail free, and therefore largeley vacuous subset of what I actual think. I've become increasingly aware that I would prefer to write in a more precise and detailed direction. I will still blog, but the posts will be far less frequent, at least for now. And when I do post then it's going to be a lot more "full on" and will be a more integrated view of a far more integrated point of view. If a thing is worth doing ...

Ciao for now and thanks for stopping by. :)

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