Friday, July 21, 2006

Amusingly shaped vegetable contest

This years Amusingly Shaped Vegetable Contest has been won for the first time by a fungal entry, featuring an entire field, one of many so we are told, of mushrooms shaped a bit like skulls. The winner (photo right) is the first to win the category with a fungus as opposed to a vegetable and judges were split for some time on whether to allow the entry at all. Judges finally decided in favour of the mushroom entry despite serious competition from a potato shaped rather a lot like a womb and attached ovaries.

Oh no! My mistake. This is actually a field of skulls of some of the 1.7 million victims who were brutally murdered by the Khmer Rouge and one legged General Ta Mok (aka the Butcher), who died today.

To celebrate, and in tribute of, his passing we'll be organising coach tours to shit on this evil pegleg pig fuckers grave.

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