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I am enthusiastic to discuss any and all theist topics with you and I invite you to use the comments to either start a discussion or request a dedicated thread for a discussion you would like to have. Dicussions will be absolutely uncensored and you may say absolutely anything you wish. Discussions are open to all. The rules of the discussion are as follows:

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For those that haven't arrived via Phatmass, this post relates to a discussion I am having over on their forums right now. The discussion can be found here.

For those that are unaware of Phatmass I quote their mission statement so that in their own words they can describe what it is they represent.

The Phatmass Mission

Our mission is to live and defend the faith given to us by Jesus Christ by remaining totally and completely obedient to the teaching authority of His Church. We encourage dialogue between people of all faiths and recognize that we are all striving for holiness.

We feel that it is of primary importance to promote and adore His Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist, develop a habit of prayer, and work for a renewal of reverence in the Sacred Mass, which will help us all in our journey to grow closer to Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

We recognize that we are in a constant battle of good vs evil, and ask for the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary and all the Saints in Heaven for a removal of pride and an increase in humility, with our ultimate goal being sainthood.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lebanon – Nasrallah takes the blame for War (PR stunt?)

Terrorist and Hizbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has appeared on Lebanese television apologising to the Lebanese people and accepting full responsibility for the recent 34 day war with Israel. UPI carries the story. He also says that had he known what Israel’s response would be, he would not have ordered the initial attack.

"We did not think, even one percent, that the capture (of the two soldiers) would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude," said Nasrallah. "You ask me, if I had known on July 11... that the operation would lead to such a war, would I do it? I say no, absolutely not."

But should we believe him? Maybe not! The entire Lebanon conflict was stage managed for maximum propaganda value against Israel and thanks to the hardened main stream media, who never flinch at a chance to distort the truth, a very effective international Israel bashing took place – despite the fact that they were the victims who had their sovereignty invaded and their citizens threatened and killed yet again. Now it looks like Nasrallah is playing PR in Lebanon to appease those that quite rightly think he’s a blood thirsty Iranian puppet and would rather like him to stop taking unilateral decisions, free of the constraints of the electorate, to plunge their country into ever deeper troubles.

At the same time he’s letting the MSM once again spread the message to the rest of the world that actually he’s quite a reasonable guy, when clearly this is not true. Nasrallah, like Iranian President Ahmadinejad, supports a Wahabist Islamic ideology in which collateral damage and Muslim deaths are glorified, not feared – as can be seen by the numerous reports, photographs and videos of Hizbollah using civilians, including children, as human shields, not to mention the entire scandal of stage managed and literally faked photo news that the MSM were noble enough to collaborate in and then try to brush under the carpet when they were caught out by bloggers (much more about the corruption of the media here).

Backing this view up is the find by Israeli soldiers of Hizbollah indoctrination booklets that make clear the Islamic ideology underpinning Hizbollah's agenda. This makes it clear that Hizbollah will not disarm, in violation of two explicit UN resolutions, and that a cease fire can never be accepted as a permanent solution, stating that only a Hunda, a maximum 10 year ceasefire to allow them to regroup and rebuild their strength, can be allowed before they must again attempt war with Israel. UPI again carry the story here.

Yet again, Nasrallah and Hizbollah use the MSM as their own propaganda machine and the MSM deliberately fail to connect the dots.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Iran - Executing minors for being raped.

Some time ago I reported on the Iranian execution of a 16 year old girl in Iran for crimes against chastity. Atefah was executed at 16 years old after she had been in an abusive relationship with a 50 year old man for three years. In Europe he'd be a child molester. In Iran, he got 90 lashes and she was executed - Shariah justice. The same Sharia justice that 44% of Mulsims want in the UK.

Now there's a documentary about the same and it's right there below - be warned that it contains footage of hanging and stoning. Take some time to learn about the true story of Iranian justice for abused children.

And when you've done that, tell your friends. Assume that they need to know.

Hat tip to Marc over at USS Neverdock who blogged the video.

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I haven’t been writing. This has partly been due to the demands of an unusually pointless personal life, which I shall not go into, but mostly because what I really want to say is so big that I have trouble figuring out where to start or how to say it. What I want to write about is madness. It is a madness that has infected human thought for as long as we have had a record of history and no matter how much one knows or how many references one can produce it always appears that any comment on this madness has failed to scratch the surface.

We can try to compartmentalise the madness into simpler to manage chunks. We can assign names to these variations of the same insanity, such as Christianity or Islam or astrology. But these are just expressions, symptoms of an identical cause. And once you define the cause and begin to look at all the symptoms it encompasses then you are really in trouble. Then you realise just how lost we all really are.

It is simple to criticise faith, a mere symptom. You will of course meet resistance from the faithful, but as the Borg would retort “resistance is futile” because the faithful haven’t got a leg to stand on when it comes to logic and fact. But what unites faith with all other baseless beliefs also ties together much of what we have learned to consider the core of the finest qualities and values within ourselves. So to strike at the core is to strike at something irrationally protected within us all.

Non-critical thinking is the core. It is the foundation of faith and superstition, but it is also the foundation of pretty much everything we hold dear. To every parent their child is uniquely special. To every lover their partner is a god or goddess, at least during the early smouldering heat as the bond is formed. None of these valued illusions have anything at all to do with fact. It is as if we have a need to make extraordinary assumptions and then, despite all the evidence, try as hard as we can to believe for as long as we can that these assumptions are actually true.

But they’re not.

However we have made them essential to a “normal” life. We have made extraordinary assumptions the only credible measurement of our entirely unexceptional lives. Let’s look at this in a bit more detail.

I have two children. Both are extremely capable academically and of course I love them without limit. I’m always happy to say how special and nice and beautiful they are. And to me, they really are. Furthermore, my son is considered gifted. He was invited to join a national academy for gifted kids and they were pleased to tell him that he was in the top 1% of the population. Isn’t this just everything that a parent wants to hear? Too right! The same looks set to happen for his younger sister. So my kids are special, right.

Well, I in no way want to detract from their achievements but this 1% interests me. There are a lot of people on the planet after all, so before I raise my children to an extraordinary height in my own understanding shouldn’t I understand the numbers involved? If you are in the top 1% of any attribute or skill, let’s choose running speed for an example there are still more than 60 million other people on this planet that can run just as fast as you. If you’re in the top 1% when it comes to IQ then there are another 60 million people with equivalent intelligence to your own. And 60 million is not a small number. How special can something with 60 million equals be? But perhaps my point is not clear.

What I’m getting at here is that we lack a sense of proportion. We make extraordinary that which does not warrant such attention if we concentrate merely on the facts. It is one thing to hoot and feel proud when you consider your child with the fantastic attainment of being in the top 1% and it is an entirely different understanding, but infinitely more precise and accurate, to consider your child has 60 million equals and it is precisely this sort of fact dodging, or fact spinning, that is the core of all our ills - the need to make extraordinary that which is actually quite ordinary; the need to make one in a million out of what is actually just one in one hundred. And we do it constantly.

We meet a girl and she becomes the most perfect, amazing creature that has ever lived and we call this love and we say it is truth. It is not. She is actually, by every conceivable way of measuring, almost certainly in almost every single way almost entirely average. In some specific qualities, which usually we cannot define, she is uniquely special but very much in the same way, even if these indefinable attributes exist, she is like the fast runner or the smart kid – she has more contemporaries than you could even count. Yet, she is an angel! Rubbish.

And if you don’t think of her that way, if you don’t accept the delusion, then you shouldn’t expect to spend much time with the object of your irrational affections. After all, when she asks you how she looks or what you think of her she isn’t going to respond well to the truth that you consider her to be one in one hundred – and that is only if she really is in some way better than the rest.

But people will say, but you can’t measure these qualities so I ask why? Since these qualities are something you can perceive they must therefore be observable and if they are observable then there are ways to measure, even if precision is lacking. Of course, we rarely claim unique qualities but we all blanket our loved ones in the protective shrouds of generally accepted qualities such as caring, loving, good, kind, warm, fun, exciting, blah, blah, and blah. And each of us, when we fall in love, distinguishes the one we love from the masses with exactly the same qualities as everybody else. So very, very special indeed.

I have no problem with this – love whomever you wish for whatever excuses seem to resonate for however long you can maintain your belief against the onslaught of stinking toilets, bad morning breath, farting in bed, flu, differing tastes, idiot friends and social commitments and a family that leaves you in fear of what he or she will turn into in the coming years. But it’s about time we stopped equating this faith to truth. And the same is true throughout our lives. Religion put up or shut up. Face the numbers and the facts and when you lose, which you will, then it’s time to shut the fuck up and stop calling it truth. It is a baseless delusion. Astrology, you lost. You’re absolutely incompatible with the laws of Physics so it’s time to shut the fuck up and accept defeat. Love! Well, it is our own refusal to accept reality and our focus on the extraordinary illusions that we insist upon as fact that detracts from the value of that we try to elevate. It is only critical thought that enables us to respect things for what they are and by doing so unveil the true complexity and beauty of our lives, our connections and our existence within the universe.

I can live with fools, having been one myself, who choose through ignorance of fact to make extraordinary claims and believe vague and yet exceptional “truths” about another individual, whether lover or child or any other. I don’t like it and I think ultimately it is something that we as a species will wise up to and grow out of, but aside from the body count of murdered wives and girlfriends who failed to meet up to the angel expectation, for the most part it doesn’t really affect anybody but the deluded. But mass delusion and the organised denial of fact can no longer be allowed to reign over the human kingdom unchecked. The stakes continue to be too high. Superstition must go. Religion must go. Faith must go – but in disposing of these idiocies be warned and prepared that the critical thinking skill you will improve will also threaten other irrational assumptions and behaviours that you currently hold dear. Critical thought will transform our lives.

Theists and fairy tale believers, it is time to put up or shut up. It is time to make your case and when you lose it is time to pack up your idiot books and join the real world. It’s time to stop polluting civilization with half baked, internally contradictory and predominately unjust and vicious fantasy. It’s time to face the facts.

I hereby challenge any and every theist to make their case in a fight to the death. You prove your god and I’ll accept it. I prove that your god theory is as infinitely unlikely as any other randomly generated and totally baseless theory and you accept it - you leave your faith or you adopt an infinite number of other stupid theories as truth also. There is no excuse for you to hide anymore. It’s time for humanity to leave superstition behind and learn to think.

The gauntlet is down.

For as long as you are able to have influence over my life through political process or popular media frenzy I will no longer accept you being lost in the madness you call truth. If it is truth it can take the challenge, if it is not then you have no right to continue to live as though it is. We are all interdependent on each other and just as the laws make clear some of our responsibilities of action to each other I now make clear a responsibility of thought. To live together, as we must, we must also accept the responsibility to think.

Update 2006-08-30 21:45

My recent post about the execution of a 16 year old girl in Iran has started some discussion over at Phatmass. The discussion can be found here.

A discussion was suggested and I am enthusiastic to partake, but since the discussions theme is more about questioning the validity of faith than the execution of the girl I thought it would be more suited to this post. I do not know if anyone will take me up on the discussion but I hope that they do. I have invited the discussion here instead of at Phatmass to avoid what I consider to be over sensitivity when it comes to site content.

I wish to understand the Christian response to the parallels that can be drawn between their own faith and that of Muslims. A parallel I have drawn at Phatmass is that faith was the excuse for executing the girl and that faith is also the excuse for condeming condom use in Africa which contributes to the deaths of millions each year. How can the obviously awful costs of one faith be justified without also justifying the horrors of another? The answer needs to be a bit stronger than "my faith is better than yours". We're going to need some real answers to differentiate the two.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why PC is crap and religious belief should not be respected.

Interestingly someone called Bernada, who regularly argues a point of view which seems to take nothing from the video I am about to show you, posted a link to this video in a discussion I am currently taking part in. Thanks to her for the link as this is exactly what I used to say in the previous incarnation of this blog until I decided to be less serious. Here's the video.

Sam Harris provides us with a precise and accurate account of why political correctness is a dangerous and intellectualy vacuous philosophy and why respecting peoples belief is just plain stupid. Please watch it and learn.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Extreme Blogging that'll piss people off

Vile Balsphemer, over at Desercate Holy Books, has delivered a post that I think might cause a stir. I know nothing at all as to the content of the images other than that the sequence appears to show an egg being fertilized, left to divide for a few days and then the after affects of it being destroyed using a bunsen burner and bleach.

I don't know the origins of these images, and no comment is made as to what the images feature beyond calling them cells. But there is certainly a suspicion of what sort of cells these are; especially since VB has previously mentioned the following:

"You see, my lab owns, shall we say, a line of human sex cells which we use for various genetic researches and projects as well as providing to university research facilities. My dilemma is this- I could probably commit the ultimate blasphemy, but am torn with the length of time it would take to perform and I'm looking for all of your input. I want to take one of the ova, fertilize it, and then destroy it. Thus, I have, to the Christian conception of life, murdered a child. But I will have also created that life. Curious little moral conundrum, eh?

I was also thinking that it would be funny to, I don't know, fertilize the ova with my own *ahem* seed. In that way, I'd be usurping God by creating life outside of sex, angering God through an act of Onanism, denying God's law by aborting a "child", and then really making God annoyed by an act of filicide."

If it is what it could be then I don't know if that constitutes murder or not under US law. But is it art?

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Why agnosticism is also stupid.

It is often argued, mostly by theists, that atheism is not a valid position to take. They argue that because I cannot disprove god that my atheistic mind set is a faith as much as their faith in god. Perhaps they think that by invalidating atheism and nudging people towards agnosticism that they are half way to the conversion goal. I will demonstrate here that my atheistic “belief” is certainly not equivalent to a belief in god and by doing so I will offer yet another logical disproof of god.

First, there is the issue of labelling a non-belief as a belief. At first site this seems reasonable. However it is simple to remove this equivalence. The starting point, like so much to do with theistic assumptions, is ignorance. Let’s take an example.

It’s a safe bet that virtually everybody that reads this does not believe in Winabozho. If anybody that reads this page does believe in Winabozho please do leave a comment and let me know. Now, from the theist argument of belief/non-belief equivalence everyone that does not believe in Winabozho has a faith that Winabozho does not exist. Actually, most simply are ignorant of any reason or suggestive cause to believe in Winabozho, including ignorance of the concept, which is certainly not equivalent to a faith.

Winabozho, also know as Manabush, Nanabozo and Wenabozho, is the creator Hare god of the Abnaki Native Americans. My lack of belief in the existence of Winabozho has not changed at all from the time I was ignorant of the Winabozho concept to the present in which I have heard of the concept. I have undertaken absolutely no mental or theoretical exercise to transform my lack of belief from one state to another. My belief, or lack thereof, has remained entirely unchanged. My lack of belief in any god, and thus my belief that there is no god, is exactly the same. At no point have I undergone a transformational process in my lack of belief in any god anymore than I have in my lack of belief in Winabozho specifically.

What I am trying to get across here is that atheism is not necessarily an opposite belief from theism, but rather a zero point of absolute non-existence of any theist belief. This may appear to be a belief, a positively elected belief in the absence of a god, but in fact it is the absolute absence of a belief in a concept that would be exactly the same as my lack of belief in that concept if I have never heard of that concept at all.

Atheism is not a faith.

The counter point to this argument would be to say that since I have heard of the god hypothesis that I must therefore have made a positive choice to not believe it and therefore I have developed a belief that there is not god. I am still relying on faith.

Semantic nonsense. And stupid semantic nonsense at that. Allow me to demonstrate why.

Bertrand Russell used the example of teapot agnosticism to demonstrate that atheism, whilst logically invalid as certain belief, is in fact rationally valid. He used the example of a china teapot orbiting the sun. Even today our technology would not allow us to disprove the existence of the teapot, so technically we must be teapot agnostics. However, in practice we would all be teapot atheists.

Here is a video of Richard Dawkins describing the same.

This seems pretty reasonable, but I’d like to go one step further and demonstrate that a belief against a theory with absolutely no suggestive evidence whatsoever is not equivalent to any other type of belief. In effect, I want to demonstrate why teapot atheism is actually logically valid, more valid in fact that teapot agnosticism and infinitely more valid than teapot theism.

There are an infinite number of entirely baseless theories which can be put forth. I can put forth the teapot theory. I can put forward the theory that kangaroos created the universe. I can put forward the theory that something more complex than the universe designed and built the universe or I can put forward the theory that a hare god created everything. There is quit literally no limit to the number of theories that can be proposed that are based on absolutely no suggestive evidence at all and I can’t disprove any of them individually.

According to Bertrand Russell’s teapot analogy I should technically be agnostic with regards to them all. That would be true if it were not for one little inconvenience of logic that actually requires me to be an atheist to all.

With an infinite number of baseless theories the probability of any specific one of them being true becomes zero when we are discussing the creation of the universe. This is because, and the teapot does not fit here, they are mutually exclusive. Winabozho cannot have created the universe if the kangaroos created it. Any of the gods cannot have created the universe if any of the others did. In fact for this universe the maximum number of creation theories that can be correct is one. And the probability of any specific one being the correct one is 1/infinity and any number divided by infinity is zero. So for any single creation theory the logic clearly demonstrates that there is effectively a one in infinity probability of it being true and that is the same as no possibility at all. But this only holds for baseless theories.

Any suggestive evidence that results in a theory changes the odds because the evidence offers constraints to the possible theories that fit the evidence and thus the number of possible theories may become finite and at some point in our developing understanding it possibly will.

God is a baseless theory. In fact, the predominant version of god on this planet (that of the Old Testament) is self disproving due to contradictions within its definition, but all proposed gods are entirely baseless – there is no suggestive evidence at all for their existence. The probability of them actually existing is therefore zero. The probability of god is zero. It’s just another baseless theory amongst an infinite number of them.

Agnosticism is not as reasonable as it might at first seem. Atheism is not a belief on par with theism. It is not a faith. Atheism is simple mathematics and the only position in the god/no-god argument that logic supports unless anyone can offer any suggestive evidence that the god theory may be correct which would result in changed probabilities through changed constaints. Nobody has done this, nobody can do this, and nobody will do this.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

We can't stop here. This is bat country!

Last night I was laying in bed reading with two dogs (my own and a lost dog I have temporarily taken in) when a visitor suddenly zoomed in through the open window. That's him over on the right.

The dogs went wild, and since my neighbours tend not to enjoy massive amounts of noise at 2am I was relieved when the bat stopped circling the bed and the manic dogs and shot through the open bedroom door to take a gaze at the rest of my house. I lept at the chance to quiet the dogs by closing the door, forgetting of course that all the other windows were closed. So this morning, my visitor was still here. But I didn't know where.

After several hours I found him resting behind a painting I have hanging on my living room wall. He stayed there all day until tonight he finally got up the courage to head out for a while. He flew around my lounge for ages. I took the chance to grab some video. I may upload it to youtube if anyone wants to see.

The bat managed to successfully leave through my open terrace doors - four times! And each time he came straigth back in. Perhaps he likes it here. When he left for the fifth time he seemed to be content to be gone for good, but who knows? I shall leave the doors open and see tomorrow morning if he's decided my place is a nice place to live. It is a very nice painting after all.

Two dogs, a bat and enough potent marijuana, so close to harvest, to keep me cheerful for more than a month. Life is good.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why stop with a signle ID entry?

Let's declare war!

You know you want to.

Let's face it, pretty much all of us bloggers promoting a naturalistic universal view want to change the world. That's why we write. We're fed up with the amount of air time given to air heads, the insipient obsession with sky faeries that suckers the masses into irrationality and idiocy and we'd all like to do something about it.

I have a proposition.

The post below about getting a single ID debunking page (although far from the best one) to the top of google is a good thing. Search "Intelligent Design" on google now and it will come in at number 8. Not bad.

But what effect would it have if instead of just getting one link into the top 10 we managed to secure the whole top 10?

What effect would this have if we dominated other select search phrases as well?


This is not a dificult think to do folks. Google gives massive weighting to pages that are linked to from many other sites. As a community, if we coordinate we can certainly provide a number of links to select resources that can ensure that a great number of people stumble across the information and comment that just might set them free.

I don't get enough visitors to make this idea work from here, but I would like to try and get the ball rolling. Post your ideas for search phrases and links to the pages you think deserve the traffic and we'll get posting and see what we can do.

Please link to this post and get sharing some ideas.

For starters I propose targeting the key words "Islam" and "religion of peace" and linking here, here and here.

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Intelligent Design

There is currently an effort underway to get ID searches to return a high ranking link to the following artilce about including Intelligent Design in school curriculums. Since Intelligent Design is an absolute pile of crap I thought I'd go along with this effort by posting this keyword rich post all full of links to the selected Intelligent Design article despite the fact that I think it is not nearly damning enough.

For those that don't know, Intelligent Design is accepted by approximately 0.017% of scientific professionals. That means that Intelligent Design has about as much acceptance amongst scientists as Holocaust denial does amongst historians. Intelligent Design is just another mad attempt by creationists to oppose demonstrable fact, largely because evolution disproves the literal bible and so calls into question the validity of Christianity, Judaism and Islam - and rightly so.

Intelligent Design is just another of the death throes of the concept of taking universal understanding from primative ignorants who didn't even know the real reason why there is day and night. So I apologise for this pretty much empty post, but I just wanted to add enough text about Intelligent Design so that my post would be keyword rich but not considered as spam.

Hat tip to Vile Blasphemer and for more details of what a load of horse defecation Intelligent Design is please feel free to click on any of the previous links.

Please do add similar posts (not identical) to your own blogs so that we can make sure Intelligent Design is treated with the respect it deserves (i.e. none at all).

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Introduction to the Planet of the Apes

There’s a lot of analysis going on over the media scandals in Lebanon that show a good chance of finally bringing the truth of the lying MSM to the masses. I’m not going to try to add to that because quite frankly there is just so much to comment on that to fully understand the intricacies of the issue you have to read a great deal about a great many events. I highly recommend that you do just that by visiting the following blogs and reading as much as you can:

At the same time Hizbollah is claiming victory and a relatively large amount of the idiot Lebanese are supporting them despite the fact that Hizbollah is now half of what it was and that more than 1000 were killed and there was some considerable collateral damage and of course the staggering and highly ignored fact that THEY STARTED IT. Syria and Iran are also claiming a Hizbollah victory against Israel and the United States and using the situation to blatantly lie to their people and whip up even more anti-Western hysteria and frenzy. All of course to the joy of the MSM who love nothing better than to falsely report the death of the evil Western democracies and the success, hope and power of murderous Islamic theocracies and dictatorships whilst ignoring their brutal treatment of their own people and their continued support and encouragement of terrorists in the noble cause of killing civilians.

Meanwhile, the BBC is giving airtime to Islamofascists that are denying that the UK terror plot that has recently fucked up everyone’s air travel (you owe my sister a suitcase you fuckheads) was even a terror plot instead of using its tax on the British people to report unbiased fact. Not content with just that, they are also reporting Hizbollah's “victory”. It really is time to shut these terrorist enablers down.

So with the state of the world as it is today I thought I’d have a shot at describing what exactly it is I think needs to be said. So here goes….

The world is being polarised by lying media organisations and murderous despots into four basic camps. There are two suicide camps. The first is the jihadis. Their goals are pretty simple:

1) Kill all of the Jews everywhere.
2) Establish a global Islamic Caliphate and impose the vicious and barbaric standard of Sharia law on the entirety of the world’s population.

The second suicide camp is by far the largest and is basically the majority of the Worlds population, including the media, that are incapable of understanding that they have enemies who want to kill or subjugate them into dhimmitude. Their goals are also very simple:

1) Promote a left wing agenda that supports selective liberalism (multiculturalism, political correctness) whilst ignoring human rights (gay and lesbian equality, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from persecution, gender equality). The objective of the selective adherence to and support of these rights is based entirely on the context of which group is in violation of them or which group can be described as the victim. The result is that Muslim crimes against Muslims and Westerners either go unreported, undiscussed or acquire a distortionary spin so fantastic in its application that the information disseminated can very accurately be described as fiction but more aptly described as anti-Western, anti-democracy, anti-human rights, pro-terrorist propaganda
2) Denial that they have an enemy and in doing so support that enemy in much the same way that appeasers and apologists did when faced with the rise of the Nazis, only this time it is worse because the enemy is very much aware of the media war it is fighting to undermine the resistance that would otherwise naturally crush it.

The third camp is that of the non-Muslim racists, as opposed to the Muslim racists, which are in the first camp. These individuals and groups have essentially one simple goal:

1) White (or other non-Muslim ethnicity) power.

These are individuals that have fallen into the simple trap of blaming based on skin colour or ethnicity and are really quite a lot like the first camp except for the fact that they are less numerous, less active and are condemned by the western media for the same crimes that the media ignore in camp one despite the fact camp three commit a fraction of the same crimes on a fraction of the same scale.

The fourth camp is the growing but still uncomfortably small camp of realists, amongst whom I count myself. We are regularly labelled as being the third camp by the first and the second camp although it is absolutely clear and obvious to anybody that cares to read what we write that we have about as much in common with the third camp as we do with the first and second camps, in other words nothing at all. Our objectives are as follows:

1) To protect civilization from ideological barbarity and hatred.
2) To reduce the impact of an inevitable clash between faith based barbarity and reason based civilization.
3) To protect freedom of speech and personal freedoms - everywhere.
4) To prevent non-proportional influence being given to minorities living in the west in policy setting as this is an affront to the democratic process and a violation of everybody’s rights.
5) To oppose discrimination, violence and the suppression of freedoms and equalities throughout the world.
6) To oppose and counter the genuine threat of wide spread media bias which misinforms the public and enables terrorists by spreading jihad encouraging propaganda and democratic government disabling untruths.

There is also a fifth camp, although it is largely imaginary or so it would seem. The fifth camp is that of the Muslim moderates. The vast majority, so we are assured, of peaceful Muslims who oppose terrorism and violence targeted at civilians. This camp is so quiet that you can be forgiven for thinking that it does not exist at all, but the truth is, and I know this from personal experience and personal friendships with Muslims, that it does. The problem is however that this camp has a very difficult time finding its voice because speaking against camp one literally does mean speaking against their own faith as the Qur’an does very clearly demand the gaols and actions of the first camp. This camp is being steadily polarised towards the first camp, thanks to the extreme efforts of the second camp in misinforming about the first camp, using the real but minor reality of the third camp and the mislabelling of the fourth camp with the third.

Things look pretty grim. And they are getting worse – mostly thanks to the work undertaken by the second camp to ensure the rapid growth of the first and the prevention of individuals from entering the fourth.

So where does this leave us for our future? The answer to that is very simple. You can expect violence to increase. The fact that Israel have stopped (been stopped by the international community and the biased media) from completing the objective of disarming Hizbollah is a massive victory for Islamofascism and international terrorism, even though it is fair and accurate to point out that Hizbollah were being beaten like a wheelchair bound granny against Mike Tyson. Recruitment will increase and you can thank the media for that. You can expect to see an increase in suicide bombings globally. You can expect to see the day, before long, that you actually feel nervous when someone who looks like they might be Muslim gets on the train or bus with you or enters the restaurant you are eating in with a bag or a jacket that looks a little too big. You can expect to see the day when the chance for reason is lost and we degenerate into a bloody cycle of violence that is going to cost us all the lives of people we know and maybe even our own.

This, I am sorry to assure you, is inevitable.

Winston Churchill always regarded himself as a failure, despite the fact that he became one of history’s greatest heroes. He saw himself as a failure as he failed to get people to notice the threat of National Socialism whilst it could still have been stopped. He failed to out talk the apologists and the appeasers and the result was the bloodiest war this planet has ever known. A worse war is coming and it is our failure that will shame us for the rest of our lives that we have not yet managed to point out to the majority that the same is happening now. We are already too late to stop massive loss of life and some truly terrible years to come, but we can still reduce the cost by standing up early and coordinating together shout the truth of our situation to the world and prepare our steel for the battle we face.

If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to educate yourself on the true nature of Islam, the genuine bias of the media, the political fallacy that legally protected segregation assists integration and the madness of the lie that our enemy is not even real.

Read the Hamas covenant and understand what the media don’t tell you about the Palestinian cause.

Read the Qur’an and understand what the media and Muslims don’t tell you about their “religion of peace and tolerance”.

Read the truth of justice in Iran.

Read the truth about the media in Lebanon.

Read the truth about Muslim appeasement and terrorists operating freely and with great influence within the media and political umbrella of the West.

Read it all and decide your future. Are you going to sit quietly and do nothing? Are you going to shout and heckle to invite the devil to your door? Or are you going to base your understanding and opinions on fact and do your best to get those around you to do the same?

Resistance starts with the understanding of what it is you feel it is worthy to resist and what it is you feel it is worthy to protect. Isn’t it worth protecting yourselves and your children from a menace the media are still trying to convince you doesn’t exist?

This isn’t about left or right – sooner or later you are going to have to face the fact that this is about survival and exactly as happened before WW2, there are appeasers, apologists and liars that do not want to recognise they have a common enemy who has already chosen to hate them all.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Light blogging

I'm not blogging much because I'm tired. I'm not sure why. My recent behaviour may well have something to do with it, but I think it is more that right now I just don't know where to begin. Everything I see is madness. If it's not the worlds media doing its best to lie civilization into extinction or the continued assault of myth upon fact then its idiot festivals and primative celebrations. August 15th has rather a lot of festivals across Spain and most of these feature thousands of fools and efigies and paintings of the virgin Mary paraded about in backward superstitious attempts to ask for luck or good harvests or some other fucking nonesense that it saddens me to see.

It's just the sheer scale of things. When you realise that virtually everybody buys into this madness it hardly seems worthwhile to even open your front door. Better just to rest and buckle down for the long wait until I can step out the door without feeling like I live on the planet of the apes.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Join the battle against unreason.

The battle against Islam is the battle against non-critical thinking. It is a battle we have been fighting since our beginning, long before Islam. The entirety of human progress can be seen as our continued emergence from superstition and non-evidence based thinking into evidence based understanding and fact based decision making.

When someone makes a decision to kill, maim, or severely restrict their own or someone else’s life then there should be a good reason for it. Just like courts of law require facts to pass a judgement we should require facts for our decision making in everyday life. But for some reason we have adopted a cultural norm around the entire globe that somehow it is respectable or should be respected that people should base their decisions on totally unproven faith. This is why we have so many people doing so many bizarre and stupid things. And it’s got to stop.

It’s very easy to single out Islam as a target because of its very strong connection to a great deal of modern day madness and violence. The oppression of women, the stoning of rape victims and adulterers, the execution of homosexuals and apostates and the religiously inspired terrorist violence are all wide spread examples of the madness’s we will sink to when we ignore reason and rationality. All of these crimes against humanity have been historical facts in many of the world’s religions. All of the world’s religions share a common madness however – they all encourage judgement based not on fact but simply on rules. Usually these rules are from times that virtually anybody living today would regard as barbaric. Rules from times of ignorance that most of us can scarcely imagine, when the most educated members of society were ruled themselves by baseless superstitions and had absolutely no understanding of the world or the universe around them. Quite frankly it is madness to consider that these ancients had a better understanding of how to live a life than we have today. It’s madness to assume that their rules and their views are applicable as blanket rules in a world where so much of the basic infrastructure, systems and technologies on which our societies survive are so radically different from the times in which these rules were made. Not to mention of course that most of these rules are just plain mad.

Take eating pork for example. One of the arguments put forth for not eating pork is that pigs are unclean animals because they enjoy rolling around in their own shit. I’ve seen plenty of cows caked in shit also after they’ve had a lay down in a field. In fact, a great many people prefer organically grown fruits and vegetables and a great deal of that is grown by chucking shit on fields. Shit has been a long time and traditional fertilizer but I’ve never seen a religious text telling me I shouldn’t eat corn.

Of course, the differentiation between clean and unclean is entirely artificial and has no basis in reality. It’s just an imagined rule, in part a product of an ignorant or restrictive view in which someone failed to fully appreciate reality. Just because I may fertilize my crops with shit it doesn’t mean that they are made of shit. They are made of molecules which in turn are made from atoms and atoms and molecules are never clean or unclean. They are just building blocks that can be repurposed in a vast number of ways. It’s just one example of how religion has given us a pointless and baseless rule.

Now, if anybody cares to think about it and learn the chemistry then the rule becomes meaningless. But with religion we have protected the idea of non-thinking. We have enshrined and respected a methodology of obedience without reason and it is precisely this same irrational obedience to the rules of an ignorant past that has given us an incredibly bloody history and continued bloody present. And absolutely all of this has taken place without any evidence at all. Not one shred.

There is an often used quote from Edmund Burke “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. It’s a very good quote for sure, but not being a believer in good and evil I prefer to think in terms of preferences. Preferences come from decisions being made and I note that we get some extremely strange preferences emerge when those decision are based on faith, not critical thought.

I believe that we have less to fear from all other religions than Islam at this time because their irrationality does not lean so strongly towards violence and so I will ally with these religions for the purpose of standing against Islam. However I think we have to recognise that the minority of rational people on this planet continue to pay a very high price along with the irrational faithful majority that have created and sustain societies where respect and protection of faith is the norm. I think the rational, those with a naturalistic world view and appreciation of the value of critical thinking, have got to start to speak out and oppose religion, superstition and faith based living and we have to start to highlight the costs. We have to start demanding that the decisions of others, decisions that affect our lives, must be based on fact, not fiction. We have to start holding the faithful accountable for the detrimental effects their madness has upon our own lives.

For starters, President Bush has opposed homosexual marriages and stem cell research based on his own personal faith, not fact. Tony Blair encourages faith based schools that serve to separate society and encourage scientific ignorance and extremism. The whole world has been silenced somewhat by a furore about cartoons. We live in the 21st century surrounded by the miracles of our own ingenuity and learning with the internet offering pretty much anybody, anywhere on the planet access to a vast amount of information covering pretty much everything our species has ever learned and yet still we are losing ground to the superstitions of a distant and ignorant past.

We’ve got to defend and promote critical thought. We have to insist on fact based decision making not just in our own lives but in the lives of those around us that have influence in our own lives. We would not allow an investor to invest our money based on a whim, a dream, or a superstition and yet we are allowing entire societies every single day to corrupt our collective future, to invest our lives and the lives of our children, based on absolutely nothing at all – not one demonstrable fact. Even our leaders are obsessed with the practice of non-thinking known as faith.

I invite you to start insisting on reason from those that interface with your life. I invite you to share your thoughts and stories here so that myself and others can learn together how we can better interface with the world in a way that allows us to effectively demand and encourage critical thinking and fact based decision making from those with whom we are forced to share this world.

I am going to start with Islam by boycotting Muslims goods and Muslim stores wherever possible. Just as I never donate to a religious charity I will not buy from a Muslim until such time as the majority of Muslims are standing up and demanding certain changes in the direction their faith has taken, such as equal rights for women, freedom to abandon the faith and an end to violence. It is my own small way of providing an impetus for change. I’ll appreciate your ideas on how I can live my life to promote a more rational world.

Please share your thoughts.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Time to go!

According to a recent survey 24% of UK Muslims say the 7/7 attacks were jutified, 33% want Sharia law in the UK and 40% say the UK is a country of bad moral behaviour. That is the statement of those that support killing indesciminately on public transport, stoning rape victims, cutting of heads and hands and feet and murdering homosexuals.

It's time we stopped tolerating the intollerat. On the day when air travel is totally screwed because these "moral" people from the religion of "peace and tolerance" tried to kill everyone on 10 planes I think it's time we make it clear...

Moderate Muslims put your house in order. Stand up against the extremist trend now or accept that you are going to be deported with it. Extremist Muslims out of Europe now!

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Freedom of speech gets personal - again.

In the not too distant past I had some discussions face to face with some Muslim men about their opinions of what it is right to do to Kuffars (infidels). Some of these discussions got quite heated on their part because I’m not one to back down. Ultimately, the vast majority admitted that it is right, in their opinion, to kill kuffars. I’ve had these discussions in more than one European country and also in India.

Yesterday night I was sitting at a terrace bar in Spain having a drink with a Spanish friend. Religion popped up in the conversation and I made the comment “There is no god” (god never deserves the respect of a capital G in my book). To my surprise, a Moroccan gentleman sitting with some of his friends at a table near by leaned over and told me not to say what I had just said. I told him “I’m talking to my friend here, not to you”. This was not a good enough answer for this particular chap.

He turned back to his friends and said something in Arabic; the only word of which I caught was “Kuffar”. He then turned back to me and launched into a tirade about how I should be careful about what I say because there will be consequences. So there I was sitting in a European democracy suddenly being threatened for voicing my opinion in a private conversation that there is no god. Fantastic! I told him that if he is so concerned with his faith then maybe he and his friends should not be sitting there drinking beers. Fucking hypocrites!

I told him that I couldn’t care less about his threats and that there is no god. He told me that god’s punishment for people like me is infinite. I told him that god’s punishment is non-existent and that he should talk to his friends and I’ll continue talking to mine.

He still was not satisfied.

He picked the wrong person to have this fight with.

I do not back down to fuckwitts and retards pushing superstitious hatred in preference to freedom of speech. I do not censor what I say to respect the rantings of some ancient ignorant peasant or their modern followers that distort their world view by taking such ranting as wisdom. What ensued was a discussion, teetering on the brink of violence most of the time, in which I was being threatened, insulted and told I should shut up or face consequences. I remained calm, steering clear of personal insult but sticking firmly to my position that I have the right to state that I do not believe in god and I also have the right to state that I think belief in god and following Islam is obscenely ridiculous, especially when someone claims to defend Islam whilst drinking a beer. One fascinating snippet of information that was revealed is that the four Moroccan men were all illegal immigrants. And they were telling me what I can and cannot say in a country where I am a legal resident with my freedom of speech protected under law.

Before long a passing police car stopped and my threatener decided to leave along with his friends. But it was not over.

When I eventually left and said good night to my friend I began walking home. En route I discovered the same four Moroccans still wanted to talk. Actually they wanted to threaten me. There were some insults shouted at me and the man who had originally taken offence made a cutting gesture with his finger across his throat a couple of times. One of them pointed to the moon and stated "There is god. No man has ever been there only god can be there". I explained to him about the Apollo missions and that once again his superstitions were a contradiction to demonstrable fact. I was told that I should watch my back when I am outside. I told them to go and fuck themselves and explained that if they wanted trouble then they should stop talking bullshit and just get on with it. Even though there were four of them and only one of me in the deserted 3am streets, they decided not to fight. To be perfectly honest I was almost sorry for that. The police will do absolutely nothing if I point out that these guys are here illegally, but if they had fought me then they would end up in court and subsequently they would end up being deported and that is the outcome that I would support. Certainly it’s worth a few bruises.

So I have this to say. I don’t care about your faith, not one little bit. Believe what you want to believe but when you start telling me what I have to believe or what I can and cannot say and you start to threaten me when I disagree with you then you are my enemy. I respect you less than I respect a lump of dog shit in the street. At the least the dog shit is something I will try to avoid. If you’re an aggressive fundy you don’t deserve the respect of being avoided. You deserve to be absolutely ignored and if you are in the way you should be ploughed right through.

So in honour of these aggressive Muslim fundys I am republishing an excellent Muhammad cartoon by artist D.T.Devareaux from over at The Study of Revenge (thanks D.T.D).


Stick that in your hookah and smoke it you Islamofascist hypocrite fundy ignorant pigs.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Where do you stand?

I'm taking this from Bacon eating Athiest Jews blog (linked to in my blog roll). Why am I just republishing content instead of linking? Well, it's because this needs to be in as many places as possible so that as many people see it as possible.

This video is long - it's a feature length documentary. Do yourself a favour and make sure you take a little over an hour out of your life to watch this so that you understand where you stand and understand clearly that whether you agree with a single word I ever say or not that there are still plenty who stand against you. They do plan to kill you and there is nothing you can do about that except stop denying the problem and start to face it.

Just watch the video - open your eyes. Stop denying the truth. You have enemies whether you want them or not. It's time to recognise that fact.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cannabis use reduced chance of conception.

More wonderful news today for marijuana smokers as a study in mice shows that cannabis dramatically reduces the chance of conception. Smoking is already known to reduce male fertility and now it looks like the women share this good news too.

British smoker and teen mother Jillian Flangegasket told reporters "Obviously I'm fuckin frilled init! When I was firteen right I shat out the first little Winston, an I dun anuva one when I was 14. Then I started to inhale right, oh yeah and swallow, but it was my Dad that taught me that. It's been 5 years since then and I've only squeezed out two more of the little bastards. That's a 60% reduction in rug-slugs thanks to the weed. It allows me more time for my hobbies like shopliftin and to see my probabtion officer"

British PM Tony Blair was also pleased by the results and has declared that the government will seriously consider providing free weed to young girls on troubled and impoverished estates. "We think this research could have real implications and benefits in areas where education has failed, such as Glasgow.", he said, "We hope to start a trial there next spring starting with a group of 11 year olds who have been identified as high risk underage slags"

Anti-drug lobby group, Women Against Narcotics Campaign, hit back against Blairs statement with an immediate press release. WANC spokeswoman Hazel Strudelfurher said "We are strongly against the governments stance on this issue. It starts off with a few puffs and before you know it these young girls are smoking ecstasy tablets and snorting LSD. Any move that encourages introducing these innocents to drugs is of course a wholy innappropriate response."

When questioned about both Blairs and WANCs opinions, girls at the Glasgow School for Young Mothers were not impressed. "Neeva of'em av gotta fuckin clue wot they is on about.", said 9 year old Charlotte McCarthief. "If they wanna stop us from havin sex they should give us ketamin. I snort a bit of that shit n I can't even fuckin move let alone fuck some geeza"

So far, only Pope Benedict XVI has come out strongly in support of Charlottes ketamin for kids plan. "Anything that stops young girls from having sexual relations outside of marriage and offers an alternative to the un-Christian act of using condoms will make baby Jesus happy. In fact, it is entirely to reduce teen pregancies that the Catholic Church has always been firm in its conviction that Priests should never have sexual relations with young girls."

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