Thursday, July 20, 2006

Miss Iran 2006 hopes to focus attention on Islamic rights

Abdita ShikaHuffaa al-Hufaa hufaa Allah Sha ha Dak WaaahaarfurKhaaa is the new Miss Iran 2006, following her crowning at the finals in Tehran today. She has vowed to use her new position to focus attention on Islamic rights. Miss WaaahaarfurKhaaa, seen in the photo (right) of the swimsuit competition, is 21 years old and was eduacted as a housewife.

"Too many children do not get a chance to be shahada (martyrs). I hope that I can use my beauty to bring attention to this and other issues so that more explosives will be made available for the under 5 year olds who are now without opportunity. Allah Ak hak hak ak habar hufar! Death to Israel!"

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