Monday, July 24, 2006

Oh dear!

I'm mildly drunk and stoned again after having had a great catch-up conversation with a good friend I haven't spoken to for some time. He's an ethnic minority, and I'm sure he'll appreciate me telling you that fact. We have a tradition of talking incredible bullshit and trading offensive insults when we speak. It's a tradition I believe both of us adore.

I could go on about the conversation and the marvellous inventions we discovered during our exchange, but I won't. It is enough to say that the mood that filled me at the sunset of our conversation was pleasant. Social, possibly.

It has consequences.

So instead of the details of the conversation, I would like to seek support for a terrible condition that I am sure much of the blogging community must share. You smoke a joint. You have a drink, and suddenly you feel like writing - especially commenting on other peoples blogs.

Now is the time!

The perfect words are literally escaping from your mind. But your spelling is so bad, and your rush to click the post button so overwhelming that before you know it the excellent little epiphany that was flowing through your brain has been recorded for all posterity as 15 lines of unintelligable babble that deep blue could not decode. Spellings from venus. Entire concepts sliced and diced and randomly thrown back together like the art work of a hybrid between Helen Keller and Dr. Frankenstein. The sheer horror of rereading what you've written. The invasion of confusion caused by what you read that successfully erradicates any trace of what it was that you originally tried to say.

I cannot be the only one?

(ps. I felt intense paranoia throughout writing this post with particular regard to spelling. But that publish button has been looking like it needs clicking for some time)

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