Wednesday, September 20, 2006

With people so stupid is it any wonder we have religion?

For a time it baffled me that anybody actually believes in any of the religions. I couldn't figure out if there was some point I was missing or some fact that I had failed to grasp. To be perfectly honest, when I was first learning about religion I didn't seriously think that anybody believed in it. I just thought I was being taught about what people believed before they actually knew anything.

What became apparant to me is that people believe in religion, regardless of their motivations for that belief, primarily because they are just unbelievably, staggeringly stupid.

I'll prove my point.

Watch this video before you read on:

Now, here's a selection of some of the comments posted against the video.

what happens next i wanna know the secert?

what the hell happened with the girl? i hope she isn't dead!

Amazing!!! That was really shocking though... How did he do that??? Unbelievable!Hope that he put her body back in one single piece...

If this is not tv trickery, it's sorcery or satanic in nature. There is no explaination. As for MOST of his "tricks". Does anyone agree?

Wow, you people are really intelligent.
"Oh, yeah, that was totally fake. I can tell because challenging the validity of magic tricks is my profession."
I hate to tell you this, but, this video is real. I saw the lady on the news, she had to get surgery to reattach the second half of her body. She's suing Chris Angel and the makers of the show.

i'm a big believer of chris angel.. but i fort tht was one trick tht may have been fake as if tht was me a wudnt run away lyk tht or b laffin a wud b shit scared

looks like he runs with the upper half to hide what he does with his right hand, pushing something on the lower body. maybe he starts up anything robotic that makes the lower half stand up and move some toes?
but...the woman is walking normally when she comes up to the bench..
it is a fantastic trick

is this a fake?

Many of the other comments discuss whether this is Satanic magic or witchcraft. Braindead chimpanzee retards.

At this point I feel secure to rest my case, but I feel a powerful urge to attempt to make a point, and it's a dangerous and likely unpopular one because I'm going to challenge the idea of democracy.

I'm not saying that I am certain that a line should be drawn or even how or where to draw it but who amongst us that doesn't feel as mentally disabled as the commenters seriously believes that people that are so unimaginably stupid and easily fooled, given to wild belief before giving any thought, prone to leaping to the most ridiculous assumptions, and generally incapable of reason should be trusted with giving serious thought and making serious decisions about serious topics?

Basically, who thinks that these morons should have an equal say in deciding policy? If you think they should have an equal say I'd like to know on what reasonable grounds you reach that decision and what makes you happy to have these fools equally responsible for the governement of your own and your children's lives?

Tough questions right.

But there's more. What's the difference between these people who leap to vacuous and irrational assumption running your lives and someone with a far more socially respected and prevelant yet equally irrational assumption running your life? What's the difference between these idiots that leap to a belief in satanic magic before thinking of the possibility of disabled people and the respected idiot that has leapt to an equally ridiculous belief in sky faeries and theirr associated commands of dubious morality based not even on the evidence they have seen in front of their eyes?

It may be socially respectable to have faith, but having faith certainly does influence one's thinking and as such can you really believe that it is reasonable to value the judegement of someone that leaps to belief based on nothing equally to the judgement of someone that thinks using reason and evidence alone?

I think not. And before you leap in and say "but faith is not so stupid" let's remember the madness that is Islam and why not look below to see where Christianity is up to.

Remind you of Palestinian kids on Palestinian TV talking about how they will be so happy to become martyrs?

Pure, unabated, unreasoned, dangerous, baseless, madness.

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