Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why am I so rude about Islam?

I thought I'd explain why I'm being so offensive about Islam. Here are my reasons:

1) I've read the Qur'an and many of the ahadith.

And what I see is a viciously oppressive ideology that stifles progress and individual freedoms. It enables those that would abuse power to abuse absolutely and those that follow to follow without a shred of thought. The result is the horrific trampling of individual rights and liberties. The result is unthinking brutality.

Now, the two main arguments people make against my understanding of Islamare these. First, because I have read a translation I have not read the Qur'an. I think that's bullshit. I've read quite a lot of books in multiple languages. I would absolutely agree that whilst the poetry of Shakespeare does not translate completely between English and Spanish that the meaning does. Similarly whilst some of the poetry of the Qur'an may not translate I'm damn sure that the meaning does. Arabic is not some secret code of hidden meanings absent from all other human thought. Perhaps the poetry of it makes it sound more beautiful and thus more effective as a brainwashing tool upon Arabic speakers, but the meaning of it shines through in English and those parts which come from later in Muhammad’s life are barbaric. I've shared a number of conversations with some friends of mine who have Arabic as their first language and they tend to agree that my understanding is pretty good. The meaning is not lost in translation.

The second argument apologists use to attempt to undermine criticism is that I am not an Islamic scholar. This argument is also pure bullshit and to suggest it isn't is actually blasphemy on their part because the Qur'an describes itself as a clear and complete book. By its own definition it needs no explanation and no scholars. To say otherwise is to speak against the Qur'an.

So having familiarised myself with Islamic ideology I can say that I am being offensive to it because I am offended by it. It's primitive, barbaric, stupid and unpleasant and the world would be a better place if people were better people by not drowning out the clarity of their own thoughts with this vile nonsense.

2) Muslims need to face criticism and insult to their faith.

In the not so distant past saying something against the Church or Jesus could quite easily get you killed. Just saying "I don't believe" was enough to face torture and execution. Christians like to pretend that this was a dark error in the past but the fact is that all of the nastiness of Christian history wasn't an accident; it was actually based on the Bible itself and excerpts such as this:

New Testament, Luke 19:27, Jesus says "But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me."

Freedom to insult a religion goes hand in hand with freedom of religion and freedom to disagree and question. You can't just draw a line and say "You can't insult religion" because there is no line that determines when disagreeing with the scripture is insult or valid questioning of existing interpretation. If you remove the right to insult by trying to draw that line the line will tend to gravitate closer and closer to the line of the scripture. That means bloodshed and oppression, even in Christianity, because fundamentalist views come from far more barberous times than ours. If Islam is going to learn to modernise then it needs to be insulted and the faithful need to learn that they can't draw lines any more. This is a key principle of human freedom.

3) Why shouldn't I insult those that kill based on nothing at all?

As far as I'm concerned anybody that believes that a bunch of ignorant peasants from many centuries ago have provided the ultimate truth of life, the universe and everything is certainly lacking critical facilities in their thinking. This ancient wisdom comes from people that didn't even know why there was night and day. They thought illnesses were caused by demonic possessions and that teh sun was dragged across the sky. There is something very wrong with modern people that believe these ignorant ancients knew the ultimate truth. They are simply mad.

Maybe they are not mad in many other aspects of their life. Maybe they are quite capable in a number of skills, have average or high IQ's and could whip my arse in a number of intellectual challenges, but there is certainly something very wrong with their thinking if they accept faith as a justification to ignore fact. If they are prepared to elevate that faith as a reason to commit violence or oppress people then they are not just stupid they are criminally insane. And they are dangerous.

To bow down to their oppression is unacceptable to me. Years ago, when I was at school we had some bullies and it was always my policy to never submit. I got punched quite a few times for that policy, but in the end that policy worked for me. The bullies learned that I'd never submit to them so they would have to fight and that even if they hit me then they were absolutely certainly going to get hit back, evenif I had to go and find them to return the punch the next day. Violence or the threat of violence will never equate to justification to change my thinking. My thinking is based on fact and understanding, not threats.

So when a bunch of hot blooded jihadis start foaming at the mouth, killing and threatening to kill if we don't respect their madness and submit to it, my answer is clear, concise and immediate - fuck you! Bring it on. Even with the knife to my throat I will not respect them or their beliefs. And the stronger they get with their threats the stronger my resolve will be to stand against them.

4) Islamists have no sense of perspective.

With them it's "our way or we'll cover the highway with your blood by cutting off your head". They are not reasonable. Their beliefs prevent reason. A good example of this is the Hamas covenant which states that dialogue cannot be accepted as a means to reach its objectives and that only violent Jihad is acceptable.

So if constructive dialogue is useless and the inevitability even of trying to make peace with them is war then I don't see any reason to pretend to respect them - I don't. I don't respect their beliefs, I don't respect their methods and I don't respect their goals.

5) Islamists are deeply offensive

Deadly so, in fact.

But what about offending the moderate Muslims?

Tough shit I'm afraid. That's what freedom means - people that don't share your beliefs don’t have to respect them so long as they obey the rest of the laws that govern their interactions with you.

In Conclusion:

Fuck Islam.

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gabble1 said...

what a scum shit shady homosexuals,unreal!!!

Anonymous said...

couch it in whatever terms you want but you are really just the standard small minded garden variety bigot

chooseDoubt said...

me or gabble1?

And why?

Anonymous said...


you know why

chooseDoubt said...

No, I don't know why. Please enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

why bother

you are set in your bigot ways

keep on hating, it will get you nowhere

chooseDoubt said...

It's quite hard to be a bigot (someone who is intolerant of any opinions differeing from their own) when you have not defined your opinion so that I can be intolerant of it. If you want to make a statement regarding some ideological position you hold you are more than welcome to do so here and I will read and consider what you write. If, on the other hand, you just wish call me a bigot but lack the intellect or any other quality required to explain your "opinion" then I do not see what you hope to achieve by an exchange. Since you have returned to this blog to post a second time then it is clear that you do hope for some sort of exchange and so one might consider it reasonable for you to share your arguments in support of your assertion. Regardless, you are still welcome.

Muhammed said...

Allah will judge you, asshole. I hope you and your faggit friends have a fun time in hell.

chooseDoubt said...

Hi Muhammed,

Allah will not judge me because Allah does not exist. Even if Allah did exist and will judge me then he can still suck my balls. I'm not a coward like the faithful are, where all it takes for you to praise the evil of eternal suffering for another human being is the fear of that suffering for yourselves. So excuse me for not respecting you or your idiotic filthy blood soaked fantasy. I wouldn't respect it even if it were true.

As for your wishes for me and my friends, well, you're rather proving my point it seems.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. You are welcome back any time. I look forward to further comments from you and a chance to communicate.

All the best,


PS. Were you in the photo?

Anonymous said...

Yes, fuck Islam and their beliefs! Murdering children, teachers and people from other religion is bullshit. If Islams are saying the Koran or whatever they call their trash commands them to spill the blood of non believers then I think the craziest of all crazy should sign up! Imagine, he can kill anyone he wishes just because they are not Islam and they wont be punished for it and in turn will receive virgins in heaven. you know what, why don't you fucktards take that book for idiots and shove it up your unreasonable asses. Don't let the door hit you in the vagina when you get to heaven ok?

jibril said...

Great post. Great blog. Finally a voice of reason amidst all this intolerant superstition (and that in the end, is what Islam is - superstition). The idiots who hate on you are exactly proving your point.
There should be more people like you speaking out about this crude barbarism known as Islam. Or any religion for that matter, that champions intolerance, murder and rape in the name of their lies.
More power to you!
More power to freedom.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Islam is the work of Satan. All muslims are agents of The Devil. As a practicing muslim, I can tell you for a certainty that we, as adherents of the Q'uran, are here to plunge the world into everlasting darkness. So let it be written, so let it be done.

Geert Wilders said...

Great Blog, dude. From your side, you should check out my movie 'Fitna' !
Look on Youtube for Fitna or click


michelleogureck said...

Awesome, finally some common sense. Nothin wrong with hatin' on a bunch of murderous cowards. I guess all you out there who chose to try to understand the "poor oppressed" Islamic community can have at it. Just dont be thinkin' were gonna erect a memorial for ya when they behead you the first chance they get because you happen to be an "infidel". Sorry if I'm a little bitter but not only was I personally shot at and had my vehicle blown up in Iraq by them but I seem to remember THOUSANDS of innocent American lives that were lost at there hands. You would have to be nuts or stupid not to hate them.

Anonymous said...

If moderate Muslims don't want to be lumped in with their extremist counterparts, they should (in Britain, anyway) actually inform the police that they suspect their neighbour is going to blow up the number 34 to the superstore. The communities (tempting to write 'ghettos') are so close-knit, that they all fucking knew.

I look forward to the day when it's announced Muslims are fair game, and you get £10 per head. Because that's what'll happen if this country continues the way it's going at the moment!

(A twist on a classic)
War, hate, and misunderstanding y'all!


Sara said...

Propaganda crap. This is exactly what the nazis did to jews, all the disgusting media. And now, it's happening to the muslims. Some wanker above commented on "fair game and £10 per head", this is practically a call for genocide i.e kill all the muslims. Islam is the most reasonable way of life. Unfortunatly, the hypocrites like the 7/7 london bombers and 9/11 have indeed given it a terrible name and true followers are condemned along with them. The ignorant fuck who posted this pathetic, uneducated, hate-filled and random blog doesn't know what the hell he's talking about and most certainly has not read and understood the flawless Hadith. The insults made here to the Holy Prophet are sickening and i can only say that the coward wrote this knowing he could hide behind the safety of the internet. As for the Iraq war, we all know its bollocks and a plot to secure fukin oil.

Marc said...


chooseDoubt said...


First off, I don't agree with the "£10 a head" comment. I strongly disagree with killing people for their religion or anyone else's. You may notice how this contrasts to the attitude advertised on protest banners such as "Behead those who insult Islam". And don't think you can come round here and fling out the word "Nazi" and think you've made any kind of point unless you are willing to connect that word to something. Something I've written, I mean.

If you read the article you will notice that I state my reasons why I am rude about Islam. Just saying "propaganda" in response to those reasons does not refute anything I have said. So I invite you to discuss your point of view with me. Tell me why this is propaganda? Tell me why one person stating his opinion, an opinion in defence of free speech, should be equated to what the Nazis did?

While your at it perhaps you could also explain to me upon what reasonable grounds you can describe the Hadith as flawless? Clearly this can not be so, since some are generally accepted as more authoritative than others. How could one be better than another if the entire collection is flawless?

Refute my claims then support your own. You can reverse the order if you like.

Oh, and one last thing:

You wrote, "The insults made here to the Holy Prophet are sickening and i can only say that the coward wrote this knowing he could hide behind the safety of the internet"

Why would I need to hide behind the safety of the Internet? How could it be that I would not be safe if I were not anonymous?

I think I owe you a thank you for supporting what I wrote in the article. I for one enjoyed the irony.

chooseDoubt said...


Thanks for sharing your experiences.

I'd like to point out that I don't hate Muslims. I think they are obscenely and ridiculously wrong, their idea of what the universe is can only be described as moronically stupid. I find the waste of minds attributable to their idiot beliefs a tragedy and their lack of freedom to think and do, absolutely repulsive. But I do not hate them.

Now, I'm not sure how I'd describe my feelings towards those that kill based on those absurd beliefs, whether we are talking about killing Americans or anybody else is beside the point. I'm not even sure I have a feeling. But they should be stopped. They should be deported if they are enemies to the countries in which they reside. And they should be killed if that is the best way of stopping them. But probably the best way is to let them create their own hell in their own countries until under the weight of progress their fires eventually burn themselves out. It's a terrible tragedy to think of all the innocent children whose lives will be wasted by being raised under the iron blindfold of superstitious paranoia and cruelty. But I'm not sure that there is any other realistic way improving things.

In the meantime, we can do our bit by speaking up against that stupidity - insulting it - showing it to be the steaming pile of bullshit it really is. Mud sticks. So much has already stuck and so many more people have so much more access to information that it is only a matter of time before it collapses. Of course, you can never underestimate people's stupidity, but the time is coming when even stupidity will be curable.

Jo said...

People are stupid, and this is truth.
If they want to spread their "Islam" around, then they better get their asses ready for criticism. I hate them, going to these once-beautiful countries such as Britain and the UK, and spouting their nonsense.
You people who call it Bigotry are nothing but brainwashed fools. "Oh My Gosh, he said that, he is racist!". No, he is real. He is not living in a fantasy world where everybody loves each other.
Remember this; Those very same people you are defending would kill you in a second with no remorse.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a backward, silly, depraved and dreadful religion. Time to get rid of it, and all religion!!

Islam is Bullshit

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fuck all non-secularists! religious people are ignorent intolerant and hypocites beyond that of even the most mentaly defunct! blow it out your ass, go hide in your big crowds but like every time before you will crash and burn.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Islam but there is no one that questions the religion more than Muslims themselves. Thats what I am taught anyway. Unlike those of other faiths and beliefs who will accept a religion because their parents or spouse follows that religion.

I know the religion better than you do. And ive justified all you see wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

The Bible quote (Luke 19:27) was taken out of context. It was a parable, not a direct admonition from Jesus.

To put it in perspective, though, you'll not find any actual direction from Jesus to kill non-believers. Overwhelmingly, his messages are of love and peace and tolerance. If you tied your faith to one set of principles, I doubt you'd find better.

The precise problem with Islam is that it is entirely engineered to repudiate Judaism and Christianity, in order to legitimize its own existence. It accuses Jews and Christians of deforming the Word of God, it relegates Jesus to a status of lesser prophet, and elevates a murderer to the status of prophet above all others.

Even if you believe in none of these religions, looking as an outsider, you have to marvel at the arrogance of Islam. It was deliberately set up in opposition, and moderating it is impossible.

What do you do about good people following a bad religion?

Anonymous said...

My name is MOhsen, I use to be Muslim who was blindly and mindlessly in demand to worship God of Quruan. such a brutal. repulsive and skoopy God.
Please visit my site which is about religions and post your comment.


Anonymous said...

Good to see another person with some common sense. We always bash Islam, even our Muslim member does. Come and hear what other real men have to say about manly topics, we'd be glad to have a clear-headed person like you on board.




Michael said...

your reference to Luke 19:27 was amiss. In that scripture it wasnt Jesus talking , It was the indignant king. I did learn from your post though thanks

Anonymous said...

Why should I serve to muhammed and allah in heaven, if I can reign with Iblis in hell! Since I am the infidel of all infidels, I will not be allowed to get into the first level of hell full of fire and since I am the greatest blasphemer on Earth, I managed to arrange some good deal with The True Lord Of Darkness and he said that I will get an absolute freedom to do what I want in my own snowy cavern with warm springs and beautiful naked blonde. Hail Iblis!

Salvador said...

religious people especially muslims, are most idiotic, dum primates who dont know the meaning of the word reality and facts. Its sad to c these morons base their lives around a indisputble man made LIE!!!!! sad, very sad, this is the 20th century wake up followers of make belive Allah.
Embrace the world as it is. u dont need to belive in stories that tell u were u came from n where u r goin(and at the same time opress ur women). LOL deluded religious people!


Great article there and I couldn't agree more.

We need to nuke Meccah and end this rotten disgrace to humanity which is the cause of all the world's trouble.

All you muslims can go fuck yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I agree that ALL religions can be viewed as sometimes being backwards, but not ALL religious people are that way. Can you please tell me more about what you read in the Qu'ran that makes you think the way you do? Like actual scriptures that back your point up (i.e. "opressive ideology","horrific trampling of individual rights","stifiling individual freedoms") and not doctored photos or scriptures of Jesus that was either taken out of context, or never said by him in the first place? I would love for you to educate me, but I would need citations, and facts, not your opinion, because we all know opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one, but no likes to hear it.

Diegu said...

Finally, someone fully shares my point of view... Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

We don't need to nuke mecca. We just need to stand up for our western civilizational rights and treat islam the SAME as every other religion(i.e. subject it to ridicule, serious criticism and praise if so merited).

What we need to do is hang all those morons who promoted the concept of "political correctness". That has done more to ruin security and common sense in the western world than anything else in history!


Anonymous said...

Islam is a lie. Their "prophet" is false. It came into existence 600 years after Christianity.

Why are there no comedy clubs in the pathetic Muslim countries? A peoplw without joy and happiness are probably a misguided people.

Muhammad is a lie! Ask any dirt worshiper about the Holy Spirit and they do not know it! Why? Because there false religion is a lie. Women are not equal to men!

Muslims also INVADED Europe first before the crusades! Know your history - know the truth - no Jesus. This is true love and power.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! It's about time someone had the nerve to shove reality in the face of these murderous scum. As I'm writing this I'm watching news stories about the "crotch-bomber," the islamo-fascists who blew up a CIA facility, and a few other homicide bombings in various countries. So this blog has done a great service to peaceful, rational people across the globe. As an aside, if you want to see how the media protects islam from critical thinking, try entering the words "Christianity is" in Google, and see what Google Suggestions shows. Now enter "islam is." See anything lacking there?

Roman Catholic Crusader said...

Angel Gabriel who foretold the birth of Son of God is the REAL angel of true God and NOT Jibril, the (apocryphal) false angel, who supposedly claimed he is an angel messenger of God, he (Jibril) who was witnessed by ONLY ONE person (Muhammad who wage wars and did not perform any HUMANISTIC miracles), which unlike sinless Jesus who was witnessed by many and brought messages DIRECTLY from God to the people (NOT directly from angel); he (Jibril) the so-called "angel" who revealed Qur'an (referred Jesus as prophet), which contains the world’s MOST vicious "religious" scriptures compared with other religions: Surahs 2.178, 2.191, 2.193, 2.194, 2.216, 2.217, 4.74, 4.89, 4.91, 4.92, 4.104, 5.33, 5.38, 5.45, 8.12, 8.16, 8.17, 8.39, 8.65, 9.5, 9.12, 9.14, 9.29, 9.30, 9.36, 9.123, 22.39, 33.25, 33.61, 47.4, 48.16, 61.4, etc., which were the very OPPOSITE of what Jesus Christ said: "But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you."

========= The coming of false angel and prophets were foretold: "But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping." (2 Peter 2:1-3). ALL DEVILS CAN FORM IN ANY SHAPES and mislead any humans into thinking that he is holy by presenting good scriptures by "supposed" God while smoothly introducing evil ones. Matthew 7:15 - "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog. We need more like these. In fact, I think these honest comments need to be read aloud from the shit towers that these assholes are called to prayer from, and then the shitty mosque burned to the ground promptly afterwards. Asshole Allah-the great terrorist in the sky. Amin.

Anonymous said...

Good blog, very nicely written. Generally it applies to all religions trying to justify violence and intolerance by ancient writings. Perhaps some opinions were bit tough but I do understand the reason: you'll get fed up to repeat the same things over and over again when discussing about religions.

Good to see there still are critically thinking people. Go on!

Joe said...

I think it is OK to disrespect the religion of Islam. As I know, from what I've read in the Quran, it is a cult. It prevents its followers from any self criticism of their religion. Just like a cult, it tells you to abandon all that are not in your cult(to prevent criticism of course). You have to respect how it effectively brainwashes so many people though. However, I don't think it is OK to disrespect the people who follow it. Most of the people that read this post were probably suckered into believing Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, or even all 3. The problem with Islam is that there are no wise parents to tell them it is bullshit. And even if they did, their parents would probably be beheaded if found out for doing so.

Anonymous said...

"Thighing" is an Islamic practice still followed today even in Muslim communities in the U.S. and Britain:

The habit of mufa’khathat of the children. (mufa’khathat - literally translated, it means “placing between the thighs” which means placing the male member between the thighs of a child).

Regarding the practice of "thighing", it involves the masterbating between the legs of a female infant or actually sodomizing her.

"A man can quench his sexual lusts with a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. Sodomizing the baby is halal (allowed by sharia). If the man penetrates and damages the child, then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however, does not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister. It is better for a girl to marry when her menstruation starts, and at her husband's house rather than her father's home. Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven."

Lovely religion isn't it.

mudman said...

Nice work Mr Doubt! What do you think gabble1 was trying to say?

More rudeness about religions please, especially the more barbaric ones.

Anonymous said...

sara, i don't recall the jews in 1940 blowing up planes and chopping off peoples heads. this isn't propaganda, the radical muslim assholes are actually doing that shit to innocent people. the radical jews in germany were selling bagels w/ lox. little bit of difference.

Anonymous said...

judge a religion by its holy book not a person,dont be ignorant and just assume things!and the holy quraan comes directlt from allah unlike the bible that has 66 AUTHORS.ISLAM IS THE TRUE AND ONLY RELIGION !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Ernie said...

Isn't it ironic how this blogger speaks of other religions? He repeatedly denounces all religions except his own. Then he cites, as proof if their error, that all OTHER religions claim the same thing! If ALL religions are false then that includes atheism too.

And what about citing a Bible verse (you know, from that "false" religion) to prove his point? What, the entire Bible is false except the ONE verse the blogger wants to use as his "proof". How hilarious!

Anonymous said...

dat coz i dont critisize any religion i am just saying wat the truth is .me not trying to make u believe in islam at the end of the day it your choice!but im jus trying to lead you onto the right path

Anonymous said...

the bible has 66 authors ,whats the original 1 than?the one that came directly from god like the QURAAN

Anonymous said...

and plz let not kill each other now,it all opinion based and some are facts..i have an open mind so wana take in your opinions about religion and lets have respect here plz.:-)

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. All the followers of Islam think its ok to have sex with babies (thighing as previously stated)?
You have absolutely no problem with paedophilia?
Screwing children is halal is it?

You wonder why people have an issue with you?

Your heads are bent.

Anonymous said...

that is not islam ,those are the people that are misguided or people pretending to be muslim.islam means PEACE and why would god create mankind to do such horrible things?and do not generalize plz.we pray for our muslim people in iraq,lebanon,palestine etc whos killing who?muslims are fighting for their lives .how can we be terrorists ?

Anonymous said...

and how can having sex with a child be right if having a boyfriend or girlfreind is forbidden in islam or any sort of adultery before marriage

Anonymous said...

Ayatollah Khomeini's Religious Teachings on Marriage, Divorce and Relationships

Farsi quotation from
Khomeini's book
Article in Farsi by Khomeini on Adultery

"A woman may legally belong to a man in one of two ways; by continuing marriage or temporary marriage. In the former, the duration of the marriage need not be specified; in the latter, it must be stipulated, for example, that it is for a period of an hour, a day, a month, a year, or more."

"A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual act such as forplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not comitted a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged. If the girl, however, is permanently damaged, the man must provide for her all her life. But this girl will not count as one of the man's four permanent wives. He also is not permitted to marry the girl's sister."

Don't talk crap if the evidence against your sick faith is out there.' Peace my backside. Peace only to Muslims you mean.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha lol seriously people like you would believe such a thing !show me where in the quraan does it say that?if its not there than keep quite ,coz the quraan is wat muslims follow.and only the corrupt muslims will do so or should i say fake.(people pretending to be muslim to gaive us a bad name)and i think they know who they are.hint:a occult

Anonymous said...

the only way u can prove me wrong is by using the quraan and that is something you and no one else can do.do me a favour and go read it than believe the shit you hear.you will c how wrong you are.

Anonymous said...

Allahu Akber!

What a hater envious you are!!

Bobitt said...

Hang on a mo.

What you are saying is that an Ayatollah says its ok to shag kids and babies, at which point you're saying 'NO' its not in the Quraan. We wont do it.
Yet, when same Ayatollah or some other mad mullah says go kill the unbeliever or blow yourself up in a public place killing women and children, quite a few of your faith say 'OK'.

Isn't that a double standard?

Or is it because having sex with children isn't in the Quraan as you say yet killing the unbeliever is?
If that's the case then yours is not the religion of peace is it, considering that your holy scriptures are the word of god and cannot be altered or disobeyed.

Anonymous said...

that person or moulana isnt following the quraan .listen to me,wat you said is not allowed in our religion .dont believe wat they say ,read the quraan,this people are not muslims,they making us look bad.its the occult!!!or muslims that cannot take no mors from the terrorists

Anonymous said...

read the quraan than ? me

Anonymous said...

killins,fighting,raping etc is not what muslims are.islam means peace and good muslims are peaceful and respectful.if we were like that i woulve made sure every person gets killed on this blog but No!!i dont believe in that ,coz that not how you sort things,i am hurt after reading all this but am i swearing and mocking your religion?no.i wana make peace and make it clear to yourl wat yourl think of us is wrong

Anonymous said...

i hope now theres no hatred for islam:-)thanx to those that understood me and the rest if you still in denial read the quraan and dont believe the media or corrupt people.tc may god make us all better people:-)

Anonymous said...

The Quran is not about killing. Its gudance fro all those who wish to seek it. If you dont liek the way it is, then why do you botehr to write all this shit on why you don't like it? Theres many type of muslims and the terrorist that you see on TV are not doing the right thing. In islam, suicide is forbidden, so is killing for no reason. THe quran does not say anything about having to torture and kill. You have not read it properly and you hav'nt understood it then. I have read it, and it makes perfectly good sense. The quran has not changed one it since it was evealed, but the Bible has.

You dont hate muslims but you just think that they are wrong? I don't hate you and i think that your wrong too :)

Anonymous said...

Well in lad, your blog rocks - keep it up.

L•И•Ð™ said...
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L•И•Ð™ said...

You think you are ALL SMART figuring all that out by yourself ?
Such delusions ... i am right to suggest that you think you are the only one who has thought about it ... and all of US (the Muslims) are just mindless people ?
cmon now you can do better than THIS !
This is my first and LAST post ...
and lemme tell you one thing my poor little fellow ... I PITY YOU ! :)

Anonymous said...

How ignorant are you to even start such a pathetic thread.

Its a free country alright, but how dare you talk about Islam in that way,I am a strong practicing muslim who was born in the Uk., i have non muslim friends who probably know more about islam then narrow minded twats like your self.,

I feel sorry for you, really i do.., Firstly id like to say Don't say that you have read various books like the Quran or Read the ''english'' version of the Quran if you had even half a brain ou would know before studying any religion you need to know the facts. and im sure you using your ignorance using ''Google'' was your answer to find out all the falses about Islam. so dont say you have studied the Quran,because i can assure you whereever you got ur ''transalation from is wrong, or you understood it very very wrong. How could you have understood it? an English transalated Quran is very old English text you would need a Scolar to explain it to you Ha, i feel very sorry for you.,

Secondly i dont wish bad upon you, as Islam forbids that so where you got your Blood killin, raping, sleeping with kids bullshit wonders me because ISLAM Does not allow that, also bare in mind the holy Quran was written nearly over 1400 years ago, and the Quran states of times and issues that took place then, NOT now..But let me also remind you the Quran also states about events that are taking place now!.., yhh thats nearly 1400 years after the quran was revealed to our Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) now take a sec out of your pathetic way of thinkin and think.. hmmm how would major scientific facts which have been proven in the Quran be known nearly 1400 years ago? when there was no technology back then!.., if your not sure.. YOU TUBE IT! '' Miricles of the Quran ' again your ignorance got the better of you.
Also is it hatred you have for our religion or sadness in your heart because you see muslims around you that are so happy and wish to follow like us?. I have you know Islam is a very beautiful Religion and many of my non muslim frinds being English, love hearing and talking about Islam because they know the truth about it not pathetic stories that fill your stupied brain. where you getting all this Jihad business killing from?., yes there were wars back then, but am sorry just beacause a few muslims want to kill and suicide boming etc does not mean ISLAM states that and does not mean thats what the QURAN SAYS. infact Jihad does mean Fighting in the way of allah but not by oppressing people or killing, infact it means for your self, restricting your self from wordly things..

One day my friend you will know of the truth, but sadly for yourself it will be to late but i hope now.. , Butits okay you follow your way and us true muslims will follow our way.,

again, No hatred just wanted to clear up a few facts

id also appreciate it if you didn't speak ill of Islam and if you wish to think it to your self, because i can assure you many muslims would have got angry reading this like my self, but as a strong believer i dont wish bad upon you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thanx guys for making it clear to these people that think the worst of us that they are wrong.may allah reward yourll:-)

F*Islam said...

Islam is a created "religion"... the Catholic Church gave their "prophet" Mohammed (may his name be shit on) his start because they saw his charisma and felt they could use him to control the Semetic people, and thus the holy land, under an "indigenous" religion that would bow to the greater supremacy of the pope. So, they set up their bate, a rich widowed much-older Catholic woman, who became Mohammed's first wife. At first the plan went fine, and the Catholic Church was able to maintain control and influence, but as Mohammed's power grew, he realized he was popular and powerful enough to ditch the Catholics and started working his own agenda. By the time Mohammed (may his name be shit on) passed the reins of power to his cronies, the Catholic control had been fully broken and the leaders of Islam actually believed that the religion had started in earnest! What a bunch of annoying morons.

The next several hundred years were spent by the Catholics running the Crusades to try to eliminate the same group they started, because the Islamists had spun out of their control. The Islamists are STILL out of control. But notice, the only group the Islamists have any kindliness toward is the CATHOLIC CHURCH. Muslims revere Mary.... and it is no accident that Mohammed's (may his name be shit on) daughter FATIMA is equated with the virgin Mary... the Catholics used that ruse many times on pagan groups -- they also equated Jesus to the Greek god "Adonis" and Mary to the Egyptian goddess "Isis"... the Catholics also freely accept the mixture of Voodooun into their pantheon of Catholic saints etc. They are more than happy to let pagans and heretics follow idols as long as all allegance flows back to the Catholic Church... They thought they could pull the same thing with the Arabs, but it blew up in their faces... and now there are a billion muslims... just as many as there are Catholics. I think those 2 groups just need to meet in the middle east and have it out. Leave the rest of us out of it, you ignorant, hypocritical, false-religion following imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

you are ignorant.open your mind .im laughing at what you said lol.

Anonymous said...

i got evidence to prove you wrong

Anonymous said...

Fact is that Islam terrorizes those that oppose it.
Fact is that Islam gave the world suicide bombers.
Fact is that whether you claim these are only fanatics and that mainstream Islam is beautiful, Islam leads to behavior and actions that other religions don't - even by those other religions' fanatics and extremists.
Fact is, I'm afraid to criticize Islam publicly and not other religions. Muslims will seek and kill - other religions' fanatics won't.

Aaron John said...

"Fact is that Islam terrorizes those that oppose it.
Fact is that Islam gave the world suicide bombers.
Fact is that whether you claim these are only fanatics and that mainstream Islam is beautiful, Islam leads to behavior and actions that other religions don't - even by those other religions' fanatics and extremists.
Fact is, I'm afraid to criticize Islam publicly and not other religions. Muslims will seek and kill - other religions' fanatics won't.

*Islam terrorizes falsehood with truth which people are not ready to accept as they fear their way of life which is to 'enjoy' and 'let it be' is attacked as they think that they are free, nobody is the creator and they have no laws to govern themselves(even inanimate creation have laws like the law of gravity of planets) as they just follow their desires!

*Fact is that Dutch were the ones who gave the world suicide bombers while fighting for Taiwan

*True muslims(which are few) have their faith very strong, so people can't relate their behavior and actions as it is completely against their motto 'let it be' and 'enjoy' as they fully understand that following your desires is fatal and following the orders of their creator is the best

*You are afraid because you either are afraid of the truth or you don't know islam very well...

Anonymous said...

you so dam ignorant gosh,you think we do that shiit?you have no idea how hard the illumanati played you and manipulated you and made you stay in darkness.SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!IM NOT A MUSLIM BUT I OPENED MY EYES AND SEEN THE TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

and now im proud to say im muslim!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YOU are all the reason why Terrorists, who are considered non-believers by Muslims, kill and commit all the atrocities!!! YOU guys are all ignorant close-minded bastards who don't even do their research before they criticize...islam does NOT advocate killing...according to Islam, if u kill one person, it is as if you have killed every human on earth!! and there is no ayah dat justifies killings of INOCENTS!!! hence, you ignorant homosexuals don't know shit abt Islam and shudnt even speak abt it...I wud be ashamed if i were u and wen u die, the world will be a better place....and wen u meet GOD u will feel his wrath and will regret wat u have done...

btw: islam IS an extremely tolerant religion and wen Muslims conquered other Christian or jewish empires and nations, dey let them continue their religion and did not harass them!!!


Anonymous said...

There speaks someone with tolerance, understanding and forgivness. LOL.

If us kafir have got it so wrong then why not just forgive us and go peacefully on your way instead of ranting here.

have you read all the posts? The only ones that make no sense, that are just rants, are in the main Muslim. LOL

Illuminati.... FFS LOL Go polish your foil hat.

Religion of peace..... LOL LOL LOL All the news reports and the documentary Undercover Mosque were just made up? LAWL

Religion of tolerance? Cartoons in a Dutch paper and there is rioting in the streets. LOL

Anonymous said...

U fuken islam haters. Im a Muslim and i dunt even know wat ur talking about. killing children NEVER (but in my islam type)
Im Turkish so i dunt do bad stuff and Allah is real he will judge the ones swear at him. So im not going to insult u because there is only one god who rules all religions but different way only the Muslim,Christian and Jews can go to heavan others cant and if u dunt belive in God u will burn in hell forever. Death is not the end, its just a beginning of heaven if ur good and i want the people to say sorry for what they say and god will forgive u. And for christians do u think jesus would want u to hate Muslims, no he wouldnt cuz i learned about him too he is a good man just like prophet Muhammed just think about this that wat will happen when u die but if there is Allah/God he will judge u if there is no he wont so just say sorry just in case PEACE OUT

Anonymous said...

Luke 19:27 that is not Jesus talking, please read the passage properly and in context, that is part of the Parable of the Pounds, not an order by Christ, discrimination against the Christian faith as well as Islam? Plus, i've done some research, more people have died from secularisation, in the past 200 years then from religion on the same time, WW1 and WWII was waged by Atheists, not Religious men and women.

"Islam is a created "religion"... the Catholic Church gave their "prophet" Mohammed"

The Catholic Church condemned Mohammed, never endorsed him, even now, most Catholics see Mohammad, as a prophet of Satan, possessed or even just plain insane.

Anonymous said...

I think hate is a strong word and a waste of energy. Please free your heart of hate and learn to love, even those who do not love you. Its really quite strange how the media has portrayed muslems and Islam.

Christianity killed more and made millions of people slaves around the world using their scriptures and yet YOU HATE ISLAM. All religion are flawed when people decide to take its literal translation. The reason being that those days were of old and things had to be done differently. They did not have ways of making attire the way we have learned, nor did they have the sophistication of tools, foods, materials etc...so we cannot behave in the same way as stated in the Bible Quran or Torah. They must be used to guard as 'do unto others as you would like done to you', 'thou shall not kill' and it goes on but were any of these powerful words ever remembered when Africans were raped, tortured and sold like cattle? NO, has history been learned from this No, yet you write such a hateful blog against Islam.

Yet white people made it their business to kill and enslave anything and everything using the Bible. So when I hear people using the word hate it saddens me because its almost like its part of your genome to hate.

Can you seriously put your hand on your heart and say that what Islam is doing is any different from Christianity? No it does not make it right because bloodshe is always very sad and un-necessary but the caucasoids are all cruel and barbarians who are only happy when killing and pillaging. So what else is new?

Please please stop this as your article could be educational if so much hate was not enphasised. Also be critical of all the religions, infact I dare you to critically analyse all the major religions.

Anonymous said...

Very strange as I see a lot of muslems here using the word 'God' even though apparently Christians are not allowed to use the word 'Allah', what is that all about? Churches were burnt when a Christian said Allah instead of God. What is the difference?

Its sad but the reason people hate Islam is because of their double standards...They want to practise their religion in the western world but will not allow Christians to practise in their country, what bull shit?
This is exactly the kind of thing that causes problems, you cannot demand rights which you refuse to others.

sometimes I wonder why other races apart from the arabs become muslems, when these people think they are the only once practising the true Islam sados.

We can all live in peace when all this bull shit stops. Infact I think all you caucasoids will eventually be extinct. only the mongoloids and the negroids will be left. So adios to your hate and nonsense fuckers.

Stargazer9915 said...

Christianity has killed more...and "yet you hate islam"

YES! Christians are not killing people in the 21st century like they did 4 or 5 hundred years ago. Muslims are. And yes, I think they should all die horrible and painful deaths for what they are doing in the present.

Anonymous said...

ok first of all i am a muslim second of all the Qu'ran was origanally in arabic so for people who do not understand it it may seem strange but


2. our holy book tells us to respect other religions( christians and jews) because we worship the SAME GOD THATS RIGHT ALLAH IS SIMPLY YHE ARABIC WORD FOR GOD

3. for all you haters u simply dont understand our religion and are probably rednecks who listen to everything they see on the news DONT U UNDERSTAND THIS IS WHAT THE AMERICAN GOVERMENT WANTS EVERYONE TO THINK SO THEY CAN MANIPULATE YOU INTO BELIEVING IN THESE FALSE ACCUSATIONS

4. this guy says he's read the Qu'ran and im coming out and saying thats bullshit because if he had he would have known all of which i have said here so dont let him fool you us Normal NON TERRORIST MUSLIMS or aka real muslims arent bad people were just normal for god sake and i truly dont se how someone who really red our holy book and truly understood it could think otherwise so choosedoubt i dont know where u got this info but ur just a racist poor and simple and if u had said any of these things to my face i would beat the livig shit out of you or would defending what i believe in be so,e sort of "terrorist act" so my final words are go fuck yourself learn how to find real facts and not just look off stereo types and claim that ur this all knowing guy and just live ur fucking life and make the most out of it theres not need to needlessly hate and i think that i just proved that us normal muslims are not what u portray us to be so yea pce

Anonymous said...

Agree with Sara... And hope that Allah will forgive and guide you all.... Amin....

Anonymous said...

This blogger likes to "proof text" which is to remove a statement from it's context, and present it as if it has no context but itself.... spourious way of pretending you know better, but you don't. That Luke passage has a context you conveniently ignore, like the quote was from the mouth of a character in a parable. Hard to make a parable that is figurative by definition then take it literally and prove your dumb ass point, and get it by those of us that know better, but you will fool those that trust you, as sure as you fool yourself.... sad really

roflmao354 said...

i agree with some of your argument. im not religious but i think that some of your argument may be considered to be more racism than a relgious veiw. not all muslims are bad, only an extreem minoroty.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote these rude comments and especially this offensive article is a Satan themself. They think it is funny going around making fun of people and their beliefs. How about if they did the same to yours? Yea, you say blah blah blah bull this and bull that. But you know what. The people who left these comments and the author is probably an atheist. It is not their fault. They have no life, no job, no nothing. All they do is sit around and talk bull behind people and their religion. Good luck in the afterlife or meeting your role model the Satan because I am very sure the Satan is proud of you. Have a great life losers.

Anonymous said...

you need to remove the Lukes Gospel quote (by Jesus). If you read back a few passages you will find that it was Jesus telling his followers what a Lord would demand.
esus has NEVER demanded the death of anyone, and this quote (you have misunderstood) is making the rest of your great post look bad.

Anonymous said...

ALL muslims (Musrats) are dangerous arseholes. They are the only ones who will become violant if you offend their religious ideals. Other peaceful religions do not do this. They dont realise that they PROVE what we say about them when they say "Ill beat you up" etc is they are offended.

They are miserable scared creatures for there is no guarrantee of heaven for them...they are stuck in this terrible religion, terrified of hell.

They are nasty, scared dangerous vermin.

Eliminator said...

well, after reading all the posts ive concluded that islam should be banned and all muslims jailed or shot, except the pretty ones, of which there arnt many. 72 virgins lololol fuckin idiots

Anonymous said...

Anyone that blows up public places and call them selves muslims, theyre not Islam is no harmful religion its peaceful and condemns all acts of killing one another.

Anonymous said...

Listen you fuckin retards


FFS fuckin brainless pricks.

Islamismisunderstoof said...

OK first... This is getting out of hand.... Its them terrorists that are doing the suicide bombings, and killing Americans and so on, not the damn religion. What I have seen is that the people who are insulting the religion has nothing to back it up with. Back then 1400 years ago having intercourse with children was no biggy. Its ethics and morals that are different. Americans ethics and morals are completely different in the Middle Eastern morals and ethicsMohammed SAW has been accused of many things. OK now I mean what is the point on blogging? If your true then your true let us face the punishment. Look for those who say Islam kill people blah blah it is a violent religion. Yes it has a bloody,bloody histroy, that is because it was Christians/Jews that have started it. Ok now in America are we killing the non-believers? NO. I mean lol there would have been war against America and pretty much every country that is not following Islam. Basically during our fated war against Jews/Christains is when we can slay the non-believers. BUT NOT NOW. Media is really controlling your heads. Ok in America if your against Islam most muslims will ignore you in silence, unless of course you have some sort PEACEFUL debate in religions. Switching to Danish Cartoons showing Mohammed SAW. The reason why there was riots is the utter shock of a face of him. Nobody living as of now doesn't know the face of Mohammed. There is no image of him, and it will stay like that.

Now to final debate terrorism.
America created terrorism. They created Usama and Al-Quada. Usama and his little group favored the Phillistines. Israel goes out and captures a portion of it. Israel attacks towers in Lebanon. Israel this, Israel that. Lets just Al-Quada hates Israel. America is friends with Israel strong ties right? Now who gave arms to Afganistan? Iraq? Iran? America. America created Al-Quada and they are suffering the consequences. If I am wrong don't curse me out, don't yell. Be mature for once and calmly show how I am wrong.

Islam has a violent past, no doubt about it. But seriously its you Christains that started it.

And also 50 authors in the bible? That can really mess up the book. Some of these authors can change it around and stuff like that. That is why Islam was built because the Christain religion was getting corrupt because of the 50 authors.

Quran hasn't been edited. There has been no change to it pure and untrimmed. When I heard of Mohammed being marrying a 9 year old I was shocked. But I understood ethics and morals. And seriously... Mohammed raping women in children? I need some proof shown please.

ALso notice that the Quran is in old Arabic. It will be hard to understand. So basically you will read on what you want to read, rape, killing innocents and so and so on.

Those who can really understand the Quran I want to debate with them and see why they are against Islam, not the ones who curse and not support their answers.

Anonymous said...

After reading, my thoughts on the comments:

The poor grammar and spelling. The unthinking belief in ANY system without critical analysis, the homophobia and threats against other human beings because they disagree with your point of view..

All of these things have been expressed within the comments of this blog. This is a fact: plain to see.

Almost ALL religions carry with them the baggage of the time in which they were "written". All express (certain) concepts which are, by any standard, unapplicable to the modern era.

Personally, I am an atheist. Raised Catholic, I renounced my faith in my teens as it did not (by my own criteria) stand up to rational dissection.

I believe people should have the right to worship whatever they want. However, this goes with the responsibility to ensure that in doing so, they should not hurt, kill, objectify or oppress themselves or others.

For all you individuals who believe WITHOUT QUESTION any information fed to you without scientifically verified proof, please understand that not only are you retarding human development, but also that of yourselves, your families and anyone you attempt to sway to your viewpoint.

As people, we should be feeding and educating all, conserving our biosphere and exploring space. Not arguing with each other and ENFORCING our views with violence, in the abscence of any reason.

Spirituality has its place. Just try and remember if it wasn't for free thinking, rational people who QUESTIONED the world and the values they were taught, rather than accepting dogma, that we would all still be living in caves as hunter gatherers. The overwhelming evidence of this is displayed by History.

Think for yourselves..don't follow leaders. Question whether there is a "God" (for want of a better word). Treat everyone with dignity and compassion. Finally, peace to you all and thank you for reading my post.

Pax Aeterna!

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Islam.
Christianity is certainly perfect in the way we humans have acted it out. But you make several statements that are way off base. The Luke 19:27 or whatever passage you quote...appears no where in the New Testament.Nowhere.Nothing close.
The Catholic Church was responsible for the Spanish Inquisition and burning those at the stake who professed True Christianity. The pilgrims left England for that reason, then came over here and started dunking "witches". They got past that and have done nothing worse than become a milktoast version of what Christ intended for 200 years.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Islam.
Christianity is certainly imperfect in the way we humans have acted it out. But you make several statements that are way off base. The Luke 19:27 or whatever passage you quote Christ saying...appears no where in the New Testament.He was talking about a cruel master. Moron...
And the Catholic Church was responsible for the Spanish Inquisition and burning those at the stake who professed True Christianity. The pilgrims left England for that reason, then came over here and started dunking "witches". They got past that and have done nothing worse than become a milktoast version of what Christ intended for 200 years.
But I can tell you aren't aware of this but Catholicism is not Christianity.They worship the pope and confess to a priest, we elevate only Jesus as God.

Anonymous said...

please tell me what you do not like about the quran

Anonymous said...

dear muslims, you still got a chance, abandon violence and leave islam...!
do not be afraid of sickened mullahs who preach to kill humans! Be a human and forget islam...!

Anonymous said...

When you say that the Catholic Church was responsible for the inquisition, you are wrong. The inquisition was enacted by the Spanish Monarchs Ferdinand II and Isabella I. The whole point of the Spanish inquisition was to REPLACE the inquisition of the Church. The church had nothing to do with the inquisition; it was a national program. Driven by religion, yes, but not a sin of the church.

Anirudh said...

wow, so much hate in the name of religion, makes me want to go to Mars and live the rest of my life there.

Fuck Islam and fuck Christianity.

Why dont yall become hindus and relax in peace... follow who u want, and none if u dont.. there is a god that does marijuana too and there is one that teaches sex!

Anonymous said...

pork and death to mohammed !!!!!!!

islamisfunny said...

muslims need to catch up with the rest of the world and join 2010. their oppressive mindset is pathetic and way out of date. its not 400 anymore. oppression should not be a normal thought. and to all the people who have claimed islam to be peaceful...then your fucking retarded. even mu hammed(the fucking nutjob) ordered for the heads of infidels. fuck islam, fuck islam, fuck islam. im glad i got my chance to fight it overseas

Anonymous said...

Okay i have read all what you guys have been saying and i just noticed the lies anout islam and a few truths we must face first plz dont insult our prophet cause wen u guys say he raped children that is a start up LIE! he would never do this so i kno the 911 and 20/20 bombers totally misunderstood the relgion watever they do dont put on the religion how bout jim jones and all those christian and jewish finatics so u r saying if a religion which is a system is judged on the people in it that is bullshit cause imagine if i work for a stock investing company or watever company if i do something stupid do u take the company responsible for what i did??? answer chooseDoubt if u think u r right

Anonymous said...

And y do u have to talk about islam i wanna see u right the exact things about other religions the point is that the only religion u can attack is islam cause u are scared wat the will say so stop with the fight is one wants to convert to islam let him and if one wants to convert out of islam he is not allowed that is wat is said but (and the muslims are supposed to kill those who convert out i.e Apostates) but while we dont own he world they can do what the want convert in or out we will all see wen we die the truth right so finished end of the disscussion

Anonymous said...

Oh wait correction we kill those who convert away from islam and hen and go insult it like if u convert out y should say bad just go on with ur life now end disscussion

Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired about what people are saying about Islam. I am Muslim and what people are saying are getting me really aggravated. What has Islam done to you? Just answer that question. Islam wants peace. Muslims are not terrorists, just that small group of people messed up our Islamic life for us. And also.... I'm so mad when people say Oh Jesus is god or Jesus is gods son. Jesus is not gods son or our god. On the day of judgement all the non-Muslims will regret their so called "religion." I'm telling you guys... I'm standing up for my religion. And if people are going to be rude about my religion I am also going to be rude about your religion. I also have a question for you non-muslims. If Jesus is gods son... why is Jesus worshiping his own father(actually not his father)? That doesn't make any type of sense! Thats what i dont get about Christianity. They dont really understand... they need to understand its common sense. I'm really sorry that i'm disrespecting your religion. But I'm just standing up for my religion. And you guys need to understand that.

kadijahasnnoh said...


kadijahasnnoh said...

I hate it... i hate it, i hate it, i hate it. Shut the fuk up about islam. What the fuk has islam done to you? Nothing! So shut up and stop talking about islam. Your just being rude because you think that your so called "religion" But when you ignorant, ludicrous, and stupid people burn in the hell fire... you will regret being a christian and what ever your stupid ass religions are. Can you just stop and think for a bloody second dam it! Why would you think that jesus is gods son. Jesus never had a father. Can you guys get that through your thick stupid head. If Jesus was god's son... then god would have to go through intercourse. And god doesnt have sex! So how is Jesus god's son? Answer that question? And when the day of judgement is near... jesus will come back to Earth and tell you non muslims that he didnt tell you guys to worship him. He told you to worship god. You just wait for that moment to come... you will see which religion was the true religion. And you guys will burn in hell. And it said in our holy book that when you guys burn in hell... you will ask us in heaven for some water... but we will answer no, god made the water unsuitable for you guys. And we will go back and enjoying ourselves. oh and i also wrote those two things that say kadijahasnnoh and the long one that says anonymous. Well, GOOD LUCK IN HELL!!! HA HA HA HA!

khadija said...

i dont even know what to say to you non-believers. im a muslim n muslims are not terroists. the terrorists that caLL THEMSELVES MUSLIMS ARE REALLY NOT MUSLIMS. if you took the time to actually read the quran n understand it, you'll know that terrorists, liars, and non muslims WILL ROT THEIR FUCKING BALLS IN HELL! really it stinks dat u guys have nothing better to do than to talk bad about islam. get a life. us muslims suffer everyday of hatred and insults from other religions cuz some people think its ok, to bomb places and kill innocent ppl and call themselves muslims. we truly apologize on behalf of all the mother fuckin terrorists.

Anonymous said...

religion leaves us good, it tells us what is right and what is wrong, as a muslim it is founded haram to wish the worst for other, most of these comments here are really hateful and yes as it is freedom of speech, its a hate speech, so we can defend ourselves from it, and defend as in not bombing, terrorists who say they are muslim are not muslim, Islam means peace in arabic so terrorists are not muslim, also there was a chrisitian suicide bomber named tommy who said he was chrisitian, well he wasn't, just cuz you say something doesnt mean you are, and whats with the hate, dont hate, do something, become a cop, because most of these thing you said are criminal and muslims do not believe in breaking the law in any country unless it hinders from the religion, religion keeps us hoping for the after life and for us to stay good, i am a muslim and i never even heard of such a thing as this, and saying that i have done it only makes me truly mad.

Kadijah said...

Yeah the girl that wrote and her name is Khadija, thats my cousin and she is making so much fuking sense!Yup, Yup. You are totally correct. I know that I shouldn't be cursing to you guys but if you so called Christians are making rude comments about religion, well hell yea im gonna do the same dam thing. And when the day of resurrection is near, Let me tell you crazy fuk Christians and other stupid ass religions that Jesus is going to come down from heaven and then tell all you stupid ass christians, That he never told you guys to worship him. THEN YOU GUYS WILL REGRET IT!!!! So you guys better convert into Islam and leave Christianity to its beliefs. And remember to always think twice!!!

Kesser said...

I think all of your comments are absurd and completely lack any evidence or justification. As to all the people who want to denounce islam and defame it, i think they should think about who they are, and where they are from. look at the problems in your own society, such as crime, such as murders, rape, drugs. These are caused by a secular society without religion! So you can say what you want about islam, but "your" modern western society is not successful with 40% obesity in USA, high crime rates, suicides etc. You do not live in a positive world. So before you slander islam, look at how good you own atheist society is in the western world. Plus i dont want to stay anonymous like many of the think dumbshit cowards on here.

Kesser said...

also to add to my point, to the person previously that wrote "pork and death to muhammed".

you poor dumb fool. pork is from an animal that consumes it own feaces. Therefore that feaces is transferred into people that consume swine, such as yourself I presume. Therefore you are literally eating shit, aswell as writing it on this crappy blog!

muhammad is pig. said...

somebody nuke mecca. please.

kadijahasnnoh said...

^^^^^^^^^^ im talking to the guy that just wrote above me. yea, shut the fly fuking monkey shit balls up you stupid ignorant fuk. stop talking about my prohpet or i will hunt you down and blow your fukin balls off! YOU HEARD ME!!!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME YOU STUPID PIG HOLE!!!! AND MUHAMMUD IS NOT A PIG STUPID SHIT GET THAT THROUGH YOUR BRAIN!!!!! (if you have one, but i think you dont) >:D >:D >:D

Anonymous said...

id like to say ive always believed in a god and that gives me peace but arguing between ourselves is starting more hatred and there is no good in this is there someone needs to stand up and bring religion together if we call him allah or god who cares we good people can understand the true good in our hearts life is to short to cause more pain why arnt we learning

Religion Die said...

@ kadijahasnnoh. Lol yeah your a peaceful religion alright. PMSL XD

By the way, most of the people who post who aren't muslims probably don't believe in any god and just want our world back.

To be perfectly frank we are sick and tired of religions fighting and killing over faiths which say they shouldn't and blaming each other for starting it while using divine retribution as an excuse to strike back.
Your primitive ideologies founded on stone age superstitions and followed with a mindless, sheep like devotion free of any independent thought has caused so much misery through history it is beyond words.

To ALL faiths a pox on you all, may you fade away and die so that the rest of us, for the first time in human history, can have our world back and live in peace.

kadijahasnnoh said...

lol im really mad i hate when people talk shit about islam.. lol\

ahmed said...

ur a retard u just dont know anything about islam and criticize it whith alot of crap. DUM ASS

Jorge said...

hahaha, i love you man, i lived in a islamic country, emirates, i got arrested for drinking 3 beers, they dont allow churches to wave crosses, they make woman cover shoulders and knees, we in our free countries, we accept them, we allow them to pray, to build masjids, and do all their stupid bullshit, and they keep hating westerns, im mexican, i didnt have anything against muslims until i moved to emirates, and i found out islam is a piece of shit, jesus was a peaceful prophet, muhammad was a killer, now i live in spain, i hate seeing muslims walking in the streets, i hate seeing woman wearing hijab, i understand why back in arabia they use hijab, arab man are pigs and rapist, but if they want to live in our countries, they have to live like citizens of this countries, but its kinda our fault for being so openminded and promote freedom to everyone, i hope the european union do something and start banning islam, we accepted them, they cant mix with us, they want to take over not to be neighbors, so fuck islam

Anonymous said...

salam 3alekum,

keifak you extremist animal? our society are the first world, are you saying yout shitty syria is better than usa? im not american and i kinda dislike america, but i admit america is the first world, and you arabs RAPE way more than the westerns, your people rape little kids you sick animals, in united arab emirates where i used to live the emirati kids raped white little boys in the school, your people is sick, is haram to touch a girl but its halal to rape a little boy? you are sick, your father is sick, your prophet is sick, you fucking sandmonkeys and your shitty religion, muslims drink, they hide, but they drink, they get out of their kandoora and wear westerns clothing and drink, and use drugs, and most of the crime in france is caused for your damn people, so dont say shit that our society is fucked up, at least we have one, no a bunch of woman-hater, little-boys-rapist sandmonkeys, why ur people doesnt have freedom? because islam, how the fuck are you using internet? thanks to the west, our society created everything you use now, and dont say shit that the arab scientist, thats bs, they invented 4 things and 5alas, the rest was invented for westerns, thanks to us there is democracy and freedom in some countries, so cus umak

3eesa Akbar !!

la mu7amad wa la mecca!!

mu7amad 5araaaa

Anonymous said...

I am not going to say anything which would hurt Muslims, I just want to ask one question that in India there are plenty of Muslims as compared to Pakistan or Bangladesh. I had one Muslim girl as my girlfriend and I really wanted to marry her, but when her parents came to know about it they have warned me not to meet her because you are Infidel.It is not allowed in Islam to have marriage in any other religion rather than Islam. They said have to convert to Islam, I never wanted convert myself so I called off my relationship with her.Why does that happen? Can somebody explain this bloody question, Why they have so much hatred about non muslims.

Anonymous said...

mohammed is a fucking prick and so i god

Anonymous said...

The reasoning in this article appears to be just. Also, we don't need religion to distinguish good from bad. Its just what they seem to believe.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, LOL..
u want to know why i'm Laugh???
Because All of you wrote about Islam that Islam Is Bullshit or whatever..
Islam Is My RELIGION!!!
so don't ever you write Islam is kinda like Animal or Bullshit..!
your religion like Christian or another is lie ...
had you thinking about islam??
islam people never create a group like "I Hate Christian" or "Why Am i So Rude About Christian"
it's because Islam People had a polite and pure nature...!!
you know what,although i'm islam ..
i've never hate christian people..!
I Hope You Understand That!

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAHAHAH this is hilarious you first off have no idea whatsoever on what you're talking about you pretty much used big words to convince others on how "Right" you are. But what I want to ask you is why you took precious time to do this article you only hate what you envy. And Also you forgot to mention how in the Qu'ran itself many scientific facts are mentioned long before these facts were discovered. I highly doubt this was an article written without bias, and you're probably some jobless individual who has nothing else better to do, so you flip on your television eat the lies that the government feeds to your eyes and ears and regurgitates it on this article here... I'm still laughing because people actually believe the stuff youve written down, and if you did have arab friends why would you blast their religion, seems sketchy? please dont let the ignorance from your brain seep down into your heart, I'll pray for you

Kadijah said...

Listen everyone, Islam is not bad. That's all I am going to say. I know I have been very violent perviously with all the disrespect non-muslims show for my religion but, I can't stop them only god can. The Day Of Judgement is near. Accept Islam while you got the chance. Read the Quran and understand it before making up lies about it. Use your brain, that God has given you.

Anonymous said...

To all those that insult Islam, including the one that post this article, none of you have done a tiny bit of study! I can say this without even asking you questions and just by reading this article.

You think Islam is wrong in every sense, do you even know that Christianity and Islam are the most similar religions on earth! We Muslims are not Muslims if we don't believe in Jesus (PBUH), we believe in David, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Ishmael, etc. So if you say Islam is completely wrong, you are indirectly saying Christianity is wrong too. The proof of the similarities is as follows, and if any one wants to reply to this, PLEASE go and read your Bible first and then reply. I have read it and I own one too.

Firstly, eating pigs is prohibited in Christianity and Islam. Deuteronomy 14:8, Leviticus 11:7-8, Isaiah 65:1-5.
Secondly, drinking alcohol is prohibited in proverbs 20:1, Ephesians 5:18.
Thirdly,being gay is prohibited in Leviticus 18:22.

It is said to do Hijab like we Muslims do, men should be circumcised (acts 7:8, John 7:22, Luke 2:21), idol worship is prohibited,...and i can go on and on. And all of this is the same in Islam.
So if following all this is being a Christian, then am sorry if it hurts you but we Muslims are better Christians than most of you! Because we obey these things which you all are suppose to follow too!!

Don't be ignorant and start blaming Islam just because you see some guy doing 'terrorism' on the news! All these people doing suicide bombings are not Muslims as it is said in the Quran.
And as for the guy who claims to have read the Quran, he is just blaspheming, because if he had read it then he would know that in Islam killing even a single human being is as though you have killed the whole of humanity!
So please before you swear at some religion use your head and do some study!!

alireza zad said...

HOW DARE YOU TALK ABOUT ISLAM LIKE THIS SHIT, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! ISLAM is religion of peace and is much deeper and bigger than you idiot can even think about that, you asshole ! .(sarcasm)
Yeah buddy , Fuck islam.

Anonymous said...

After what has just happened in London?
Islam is on a rocky road to a final solution and in that situation the common people on the rest of the planet will probably applaud and cheer.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard about the term "dhimmi", retard? I was a Muslim and I can speak and read in Arabic. Well let me tell you all sheep, I've read many different types of Quran, and they do contain the aforementioned violence. I was shocked that I did not know so much about my own former religion. Often, people could see other's faults, but not their own. Such is human nature. We need each other. There is no 'right' religion. You Muslims claim to be right. You Christians claim to be right. You Jews claim to be right. You atheists claim to be right. But by right do you proclaim that your religion deserves more merit compared to other religions. Speaking is futile; come, show me the power of your religions.

Anonymous said...

*by what right

hitchens67 said...

Fuck Islam and it's warmongering agenda. The 'moderates' are just sleeper cells who will awaken once these rats outbreed the populations of the countries that they are allowed to infect. Fuck the assholy prophet AND the flawed Hadith!

Anonymous said...

F**ck Muslims you are right I don't have no hair on my tongue these bastards are crazy as fuck there is no changing that great thing about me having no belief in any organized religion is I can see through the evil ones they are definitely lying manipulating pedophile as holes and it's disgusting . Freedom of speech over freedom to kill ..screw your b**llsh**t Allah.

Anonymous said...

Fuck religion? Long live to humanity!
Drink beer, eat porc, go to the strippers and laugh out loud. Live your life for fuck sakes.

Anonymous said...

Haha yes!!!

Anonymous said...

What are you kidding me theirs nothing holy about the false prophet motardhaman. Islam is nothing more then a copycat religion founded by a little boy who thought the Jewish teachings of Jesus was cool and wanted to have a similar type of religion. No I am not a hater or a bigot just someone who has done the research on islam and having done so has come to this conclusion

ralf said...

There is no such thing as allah.
The false prophet mohammed was an alcoholic pork eating camel rooting faggot.
Come on then, behead me!
Ya dickheads.

Extremo the Clown said...
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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Every thing you said is exactley how I feel! I may have fallen out with a few "liberal apologists," but I feel better without their judgment!

Unknown said...

You can't hate Muslims for being Muslims because they don't have any choice in the matter. This is a key point. The punishment for apostasy in Islam is death. This is how such a bullshit, oppressive, sexist, regressive, miserable putrid excuse for a religion has been able to spread so successfully - fear and violence. The biggest victims of Islam are Muslims themselves, human beings forever trapped in mental slavery with no viable means of escape.