Friday, September 29, 2006

No time

No time for blogging this week. I'm too busy working and when I'm not busy with that I'm busy with being lazy. Strangely, this has nothing to do with my marijuana harvest. It's primarily because I am tired and looking for a little joy and comfort.

But I've added a couple of blogs to the blog roll. They're all good so if you don't know them already please check them out.

Oh, and of course - Fuck Islam! ;)


OK, so I decided to play with thenew blogger beta, which is why the look and feel has changed. It also means the blog roll fell off but I'll stick it on again later. I guess this means I'll finally have to makethe effort of writing a decent template.

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Vile Blasphemer said...

Hmm.. I was wondering what happened.

Johnny Ong said...

anyway, i'm a chinese christian from malaysia which has a multi-ethnic racial background with islam being the main religion due to majority of the people are from the malay ethnic. maybe becos i came from this background i have a bit more of tolerance towards islam. majority of my colleagues embraces islam and they are of nice characters/personality. there are always some black sheeps around town.

anyway, did u face any problems while changing to the new beta version of the blog. i thot of it but held on while waiting for any comments on early birds like u.

chooseDoubt said...

Hi Johnny,

I would agree that most Muslims are not violent psychopaths. I would also agree that most smokers don't die from lung cancer but I would be an idiot to assume that therefore smoking is not a maor cause of lung cancer. The same is true with Islam.

The Qur'an and the hadith are very clear that it is the duty of all Muslims to kill or subjugate all non-Muslims. The so called extremists, they are actually fundamentalists, are following the religion as it is in the book and as it is in the hadith. As conflict with Islam is increasing so too is the tendency of Muslims to have to take a side. A Muslim cannot take a side against the Qur'an because the central point of their faith is that the Qur'an is the unequivocal word of god.

There is a great deal of evidence that fundamentalist Islam is on the rise and I expect this to continue. Muslims will either have to leave Islam and thus face death for apostacy or increasingly go the whole hog when it comes to following thier religion and that does and will mean murder and bloodshed.

I would also not be so fast to support so called moderate Muslims. Polls consistently show wide spread sympathy and approval of violent Muslim actions within Muslim communities, honour killings are a massive global problem, the oppression of women and the global cartoon and Pope riots do not paint a very pretty picture of Muslims as a whole. As the conflict continues I believe more Muslims will change from being silent or mostly silent enablers of steering of their religion back to fundamentalist violence or they will simply directly adopt it. There is a very high probability that many of the peaceful Muslims you know today will one day want you dead because it is impossible for them to make the choice to abandon a faith that at its core requires your blood.

I've had no problems with the switch to blogger beta except that the drag and drop interface will often refuse to save changes. I prefer to edit manually anyway so this is not much of a problem.