Wednesday, September 20, 2006

UK: Killing 6 year old girls for honour.

The winner of todays Sickest Fuck Award for Unimaginably Brutal Stupidity has been won by Birmingham dentist Hussain Ahmed, age 26. Mr Ahmed burned, 6 year old Alisha Begum to death in her house because he didn't like that her 21 year old brother was seeing his 15 year old sister. A local Imam has said "We do not agree with this killing because we do not understand the reasons behind it. Islam explicitly permits realtionships between adult men and legal minors."

I know, I shouldn't joke about this because it's aboslutely tragic. But sometimes you've got to change your style to show people that not only do you think that they are sick fucks but also that their actions are soooooooOOOooOOOoo unbelievably stupid that they also qualify as clowns.

And now you're a child murderer as well Mr. Ahmed. So I'm starting a compition in your honour right below.

Competition: Will you be the first to pop Hussain Ahmed's cherry?

What’s the challenge?
Only one lucky man will be the first to arse-rape Hussain Ahmed when he hits the cells. Will you be lucky enough to share a prison? Will he drop the soap when you meet in the showers? We want to know.

That’s right, the race is on to pump that arsehole full of hot infidel man cream. Ahmed might have only just entered Britain's penal system, but how long will it be before a British penal system enters Ahmed?

The race is on to make Ahmed your bitch!

It could be you!!!

Competition rules:
Competition open to all convicts currently serving time in British Prison.
Extra marks may be given to gang fun entrants.

An exclusive chance that some people will actually respect you for what would otherwise be your shameful prison secret.

For those of you that find it possible to still give a shit about reality the full story is here. :(

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