Friday, September 15, 2006

Honour killings on the rise

"My husband treated me like an animal, not as a human, with daily beatings and torture and locking me indoors. I know he is pursuing me to kill me because he thinks I have disgraced him but God knows it is he who was guilty."

These are the words of Bebi, a 15 year old girl now on the run in Afghanistan trying to avoid the brutal old man she was engaged to at just six months old and later forced to marry. The UN Report that features Bebi's story goes on to describe the sorry state of human rights in Afghanistan as a culture in which honour killings are seen as acceptable - even by the police.

"The increase in such crimes against women has also been explained by the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan’s southern provinces. The killing, maiming and beating of women were practically institutionalised during their ultra-conservative rule from 1996 until late 2001."

The Taliban, who implemented the sort of strict Shariah law that more than 40% of UK Muslims want implemented in Britain, represent Islam by the book. The result is the wide spread abuse, beating, rape and murder of women whilst the perpetrators of these crimes get off absolutely free and even with the support and approval of their communities.

Where are the women's rights group?

Where are the feminists?

Why are they so silent on such wide spread horrors?

Why does political correctness prevent them from attacking this brutal practice from a brutal religion?

For that matter, why are we still listening to the whinging Muslims from terrorist linked lobby groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, complaining to us about how we don't show enough respect? Why should we show any respect? They show absolutely none to their women or to individual freedoms. Why should we respect people that support killing apostates and murdering children because they were raped?

Why should we be tolerant of those that are totally intolerant of our democratic values and the freedoms?

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aggiepundit said...

I've taken my fair share of classes about feminism or from feminist professors. They have a very strange provincialist attitude about international affairs. For some reason you can't get them to give a rat's arse about Muslim women. I don't know why, really. It makes me suspicious about the real motives behind that kind of feminism. It would be nice to see feminists recognize this inconsistency and join the fight for women's rights outside the US and Europe.

chooseDoubt said...

Absolutely. I find it extremely strange that feminism seems to have borders. Borders don't stop me caring about womens rights and I'm a man. I can't imagine why more enthusiastic feminists have abandoned 800 million Muslim women who independently don't have a voice of their own.

Even with out borders, this has become a home grown problem wherever you are. If they want to ignore honour killings and the oppression of women in Pakistan then the borders probably provide a convenient excuse. When exactly the same is happening in your own town or city, how do they manage to avoid the truth then?

Come on feminists! 800 million girls and women are being seriously oppressed by an ideology that values them at best as half the value of a man. Don't you think you should be making some noise about their plight?