Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A request to bloggers.

A while back I posted about google bombing Intelligent Design. Basically, what this entails is linking the term Intelligent Design to a page about Intelligent Design that you think should appear high in the natural search results returned by Google when someone searches for "Intelligent Design". If enough people do this the result is that the page you choose gets a hell of a lot more visitors and pages that support Intelligent Design get less.

All good news, right :)

At the time of my last article I suggested that we cooperate to expand the practice to other search terms such as Islam. No body commented on this and so I assumed that no one would take me up on the offer to organise. So I dropped the idea. But I have decided to adopt it again but this time in a much more natural way. I think this will be more readily adopted and have far greater power.

Instead of us organising and writing specifc posts intended to g-bomb certain words and phrases I'm instead suggesting that what you do is the following:

For each phrase that you use regularly on your blog, such as Islam or Intelligent Design, find a page somewhere out there on the web that you think that term should link to. Then every single time you use that term instead of typing just the word, copy and paste the link. The result will be that just as part of your natural blogging you will be adding a great amount of keyword rich and unique content for google to index and that every single time you use the term you will be contributing to the effecitveness of your campaign.

Other bloggers may also decide to use the same words and links as you. The result will be a natural and ever increasing effectiveness in promoting the content about any specific word or phrase that you think needs to be promoted.

So any bloggers reading this, I'm asking you for one favour. Please suggest the same in a post on your blogs and take up the habbit yourself. It's a very simple practice and before long you will build up a library of words with links that you can copy and paste as appropriate in your writing and it won't even slow you down.

Thanks for taking up the idea if you do.


Update 2006-09-07 11:20 (and 2006-09-07 17:31)

This time there has been some response and some suggestions of viable links to use, so I'm going to create a list and maybe we can reach a concensus to make this more effective and help it to spread. Here's what has been suggested so far.

Islam: - a very good site documenting the retarded evil we call Islam.

Intelligent Design: - New and very good (hat tip Roya). - this one is an interesting idea from BEAJ. It is a page about birth defects and does not mention intelligent design, so it it either shows any proposed intelligent designer to be an unintelligent designer or an asshole.

Thanks to BEAJ and Roya for suggestions.

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Vile Blasphemer said...

But it's sooooo much work!

chooseDoubt said...


Lol, look who's talking. The efforts you go to in producing your videos and your photos looks like a lot of work. Surely copy-pasting from a list of links (or even using find all and replace) to stick a few links iny your posts can't be so hard?

Roya said...

I couldn't resist adding this one too. :)

15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense

It's currently on page 6.

chooseDoubt said...


I think that one is the winner. It's a great link - thanks.

Vile Blasphemer said...

CD, thanks!

beepbeepitsme said...

I have been reading your comments on atheist jew's blog. Interesting stuff :)

chooseDoubt said...

Thanks. Does it show that I'm tired of the madness ? =)

For anyone that wonders which discusion it canbe found here.