Friday, September 22, 2006

BBC aiding terrorists yet again.

As their lead story, the BBC report on a massive gathering in Lebanon, a supposed victory rally for Hezbollah, with head terrorist Nasrallah heading things up.

Hezbollah has called the outcome of the five-week conflict a "divine victory".

What they don’t tell you is that Nasrallah has appeared on Lebanese TV back in August apologising to the Lebanese people and accepting full responsibility for the war. I reported this here back on August 30th. The BBC didn’t see fit to mention it back then either.

"We did not think, even one percent, that the capture (of the two soldiers) would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude," said Nasrallah. "You ask me, if I had known on July 11... that the operation would lead to such a war, would I do it? I say no, absolutely not."

In fact, instead of seeing fit to let you know that Nasrallah essentially admitted that he fucked up big time and that the war was his fault (although I personally think it was just spin to calm much rightous Lebanese anger aimed directly at him) they decided to tell you this:

Obviously national television doesn’t count as a public appearance to the BBC. Maybe it doesn’t count becaue Nsrallah himself wasn’t claiming a victory, but terrible miscalculation.

Much later in the article and after they’ve made it clear that this is all about victory, they slip in this little paragraph:

"The Beirut rally had been expected to coincide with the final pullout of Israeli troops from southern Lebanon, but the Israeli military said on Friday that some troops would remain in Lebanon over the Jewish New Year holiday this weekend."

So perhaps the people gathered, according to schedule, to celebrate the leaving of Israeli troops and not a Hezbollah victory as the BBC want you to believe it. But why stop just a distorting one truth when you can distort them all?

Notice how in the main text on the left the BBC try to point out how so few Israeli civilians were killed but over 1,000 Lebanese died and an unknown number of Hezbollah fighters? Well, Hezbollah fighters are civilians but still combatants and the number of them that were killed is included in the grand total of a little over 1,000 casualties, but of course the BBC don’t want you to know that. They also don’t see fit to mention that Hezbollah were proven to be using non-combatants as human shields and that they even used death threats to force Lebanese civilians to remain in place as human shields.

They also fail to mention the NNN thousands of Israeli civilians that were displaced and that Hezbollah are condemned for war crimes by Amnesty International for deliberately targeting civilian and civilian areas with in excess of 4,000 rockets filled with explosives and thousands of ball barings designed to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible. If the Israelis had not evacuated to safer areas with shelters the Israeli death toll would have been much, much higher.

The "Conflict Facts" box on the right hand side simply restates the biased spin in the main body of the text. Pay attention to the "Quick guide: Hezbollah" link as we’re going to come back to that in a second.

At the end of the article they tell us this:
"Since the cessation of hostilities Hezbollah has been organizing reconstruction in its heartlands and paying compensation to the families whose homes were destroyed. "

But it has also been calling for a government of national unity to replace the current one.

So the BBC is trying again to highlight what a nice bunch Hezbollah are. This is not surprising considering that the BBC and other MSM were knowingly complicit in staging photos during the war with their best buddies Hezbollah. However they are also saying that the government wants a government of national unity to replace the current government. Remember that also.

Before we leave that article, let’s take notice of the fact that the following words appear absolutely no where in the article:

And let’s also note that the BBC at no time mention that Hezbollah started the war by invading Israeli territory and attacking Israelis there and kidnapping two Israeli soldiers. Neither do they mention that this war that Hezbollah "won" came to an end only because of pressure placed on Israel, who were doing very well at completing their objectives, agreed to cease fire due to international pressure largely due to public opinion that had been seriously distorted by the BBC’s, and other scum MSM, complicity in faking biased news in support of Hezbollah terrorists.

Let’s flip over now to their bullshit quick guide to Hezbollah. I’m not going to go into this in detail right now. I just want to point out the bullshit of their idea of "a government of national unity" that was previously mentioned. I’m no fan of Lebanon’s government, which has a sordid history all of its own, but in the quick guide we find the following:
"It has become the most powerful military force in Lebanon, but also has 23 of the 128 seats in parliament, with two seats in the Lebanese cabinet."

So let’s thank the BBC for pointing out that Hezbollah is already part of that government, they just want more power than they have so far achieved within Lebanon’s political system.

Just to finish this off, let’s note the one thing the BBC does get right in their quick guide.
"The group calls for the destruction of the state of Israel. It regards the whole of Palestine as occupied Muslim land and it argues that Israel has no right to exist."

Yep, that’s right – Hezbollah has the explicit goal of destroying a sovereign nation. No negotiation. No peace. No dialogue. The destruction of a sovereign nation is their goal. In other words, a permanent declaration of war!

But obviously that is meaningless to the BBC in their rush to be the number one global propaganda platform in support of terrorists.

Fuck Islam. Fuck Hezbollah. Fuck al-BBC.

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GJ Tryon said...

"chooseDopubt" appears to have a huge blind spot when it comes to Israel and its multitudinous fabrications, extenuations and distortions of history and logic. Recall if you can, CD, whence the iniquitous and stupid Koran and all its wretched effluvia took their inspiration.

chooseDoubt said...

I'm not entirely sure of the point you are making. It is widely believed by non-Muslim theologians that Muhammad took his inspiration by largely regurgitating Judaeo-Christian myth that he had heard for much of the earlier (chronologically) verse of the Qur’an. Muslims however believe that there was no inspiration involved and that the Qur’an was not so much inspired as recited by Allah. They may object to being told that the Qur’an is all the fault of the evil Jooooz.

But I think you are suggesting that I ignore Jewish culpability for militant Islam also. I would have to agree. I do not hold the Jews responsible for a Muslims choice to dedicate his life, often by auto-extinguishing it, to killing Jewish children in a pizza parlour. I do not hold the Jews responsible for a history of persecution and brutality against them. Neither do I hold them responsible for verses in the Qur’an that speak directly against them, such as the apes and pigs references or hadith on this subject. I don’t hold them responsible for the persecution they suffered under Muhammad himself either.