Thursday, September 21, 2006

UN: 40,000 Protest Against Ahmadinejad. Media Bias Hides The Facts.

40,000 people protested to say "We will not be silent". Staggeringly, the Main Stream Media have remained utterly silent of this fact. Try searching on Google News. Try the BBC, who in their coverage of Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s visit to the UN spared not one word in recognition of the 40,000 people that thronged the streets to voice their opposition to the betrayal of inviting a terrorist supporting, holocaust denier who is bent on the destruction of an entire country, to speak at the so called United Nations.

This is a travesty. This is the ultimate proof of the hypocrisy of those organisations that call themselves news providers. They give not one sentence of their efforts to the reality at hand. They ignore 40,000 peaceful protestors who gathered to support human rights on one side. On the other side they utterly fail to expose the human wrongs of the man, the regime, and the ideology that the protestors gathered to oppose.

Not one word on the BBC mentions article 104 of the Iranian penal code for example. Article 104 requires that the stones used to stone women once they are sentenced to death for adultery, such as 34 year old mother of two Malak Ghorbany, should be "not so large that they would kill a woman too quickly, nor so small that they would fail to cause serious injury or pain". Not one word about how adultery includes being a victim of rape. Whilst they leap at the chance to highlight their hatred of President Bush or America in general, not one word of investigation is wasted on the Iranian Presidents support for killing homosexuals, destroying an entire country, stoning rape victims, executing children, funding, arming and training terrorists that kill innocents indiscriminately.

Not one single word is invested by these so called news gatherers on the fact that President Ahmadinejad is a viciously evil man and the head of a viciously evil and brutal regime that murders for "crimes" that we in the West call freedoms. Not one word is used to inform the public that when this regime does murder for a something we do call a crime they have a strong tendency to murder the one that we would call the victim.

Meanwhile, their hero Chavez is trotted across the pages with great gusto as the MSM orgasms at the opportunity to highlight someone else that hates President Bush. Of course, they ignore the fact that Chavez is a criminal, widely suspected of having embezzled billions from state oil. They ignore the fact that he has run the Venezuelan oil business into the ground. They ignore the fact that their hero is supporting regimes that support terrorism and genocide. They ignore all of this exactly as they ignore Castro's guilt in the murder of thousands and the oppression of millions.

So without voicing my absolute disgust at these betrayers of the faith that free people placed in them I wish to share with you only this.

This is what the BBC says of their page entitled "UN General Assembly at-a-glance".

All you need to know about the 61st session of the United Nations General Assembly:

And here is the photograph they choose as their photo of the day.

And they mention not one word of the 40,000 peaceful protestors that gathered outside to let the world know that we will not be silent!

And neither will we be silenced. Not by the Islamists, not by the theocrats, not by the liars and abusers, and not by a media that has turned against the people and the freedom of the world.

Atlas Shrugs has more.

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