Monday, September 18, 2006

BBC Bias

In reporting about Islam foaming at the mouth over the Pope's comments it's interesting to note that in the two top stories the BBC carry they use the same readers comment along side the stories. The readers comment they use is this:

"Pope Benedict probably should self-criticise Christianity's violent past before commenting on the other faith"
John Lin, Illinois

And the stories they use this comment along side are these:

So what's wrong with this? Well, take a look at the "Have your say" thread that this comment is taken from and look at "Readers Recommended". I'm up to the end of page six of the comments sorted by those most recommended by the readers and the above does not appear yet. Not only that but absolutely every single comment so far, and there's 15 per page, including comments from Muslims clearly say that the Muslims are out of order with their outrage and lack of respect for others freedom of speech.

So why do the BBC ignore the vast majority of their readers opinions when selecting their readers comments to show along side their stories? It couldn't be that they are trying to missrepresent the truth by any chance?

This is far from the first time I have seen this. The BBC consistently use reader comments that match their biased spin and ignore the readers comments that do not gel with their bias, despite the fact that these comments are consistently voted the most recommended by the BBC websites readership.

Keep that in mind whenever you read, hear or watch anything that comes out of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. They tax the British people to deliver lies to the world. They are consistently biased, fail to report the facts, often report lies and just incase you didn't know they hired the ex-head of al-Jazeera to train their reporters. Do not trust these criminals.

Check here and here for more details.

And in case you are wondering, whilst the BBC ask has the Pope offended Muslims the photograph (top right) is what they fail to report. That's a band of Muslims standing outside Westminster Cathedral carrying signs about sending the Pope to hell, calling Catholicism evil, accusing Bush, Blair and the Pope of being in some sort of unholy conspiracy and just generally offending the shit out of Catholics.

In response not one catholic has burnt an effigy, burnt a mosque, shot any old ladies in the back or painted up any banners calling Muhammad the psycho child molesting terrorist thief and murderer he was.

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aggiepundit said...

classic physchological defense mechanism by Muslims: deflection.

Not buying it.

Roya said...

CD, I, well I don't know what to say really.
Media had a lot of power in influencing peoples' opinions, so if we are to ever be heared we have to get into media.

This summer (that would be winter time in northern hemisphere) holiday, I want to do some work experience in ABC if I can, so that maybe I can find a part-time job in the media someday so that I can be in the position of influence.

chooseDoubt said...


I wish you the best of luck with that, but I can see it would be difficult to make your voice count amongst so many within an extremely biased industry. I think the media are beginning to lose the media war anyway.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of people rely on the MSM for their information about the world, I think the sentiment is spreading that enough is enough. The only question is what the counter reaction will be and when it will come? The sooner it comes the more reasonable and controlled it will be. I don't so much worry that we will all be overrun by the evil, unthinking automaton madness of Islam as I do that we'll end up causing a great deal of suffering to entirely innocent people who get caught up in an untargeted backlash. Basically, I think doing nothing except appeasing and apologising is going to lead to greater polarisation and a massive resurge of racism.