Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why stop with a signle ID entry?

Let's declare war!

You know you want to.

Let's face it, pretty much all of us bloggers promoting a naturalistic universal view want to change the world. That's why we write. We're fed up with the amount of air time given to air heads, the insipient obsession with sky faeries that suckers the masses into irrationality and idiocy and we'd all like to do something about it.

I have a proposition.

The post below about getting a single ID debunking page (although far from the best one) to the top of google is a good thing. Search "Intelligent Design" on google now and it will come in at number 8. Not bad.

But what effect would it have if instead of just getting one link into the top 10 we managed to secure the whole top 10?

What effect would this have if we dominated other select search phrases as well?


This is not a dificult think to do folks. Google gives massive weighting to pages that are linked to from many other sites. As a community, if we coordinate we can certainly provide a number of links to select resources that can ensure that a great number of people stumble across the information and comment that just might set them free.

I don't get enough visitors to make this idea work from here, but I would like to try and get the ball rolling. Post your ideas for search phrases and links to the pages you think deserve the traffic and we'll get posting and see what we can do.

Please link to this post and get sharing some ideas.

For starters I propose targeting the key words "Islam" and "religion of peace" and linking here, here and here.

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