Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Intelligent Design

There is currently an effort underway to get ID searches to return a high ranking link to the following artilce about including Intelligent Design in school curriculums. Since Intelligent Design is an absolute pile of crap I thought I'd go along with this effort by posting this keyword rich post all full of links to the selected Intelligent Design article despite the fact that I think it is not nearly damning enough.

For those that don't know, Intelligent Design is accepted by approximately 0.017% of scientific professionals. That means that Intelligent Design has about as much acceptance amongst scientists as Holocaust denial does amongst historians. Intelligent Design is just another mad attempt by creationists to oppose demonstrable fact, largely because evolution disproves the literal bible and so calls into question the validity of Christianity, Judaism and Islam - and rightly so.

Intelligent Design is just another of the death throes of the concept of taking universal understanding from primative ignorants who didn't even know the real reason why there is day and night. So I apologise for this pretty much empty post, but I just wanted to add enough text about Intelligent Design so that my post would be keyword rich but not considered as spam.

Hat tip to Vile Blasphemer and for more details of what a load of horse defecation Intelligent Design is please feel free to click on any of the previous links.

Please do add similar posts (not identical) to your own blogs so that we can make sure Intelligent Design is treated with the respect it deserves (i.e. none at all).

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