Thursday, August 10, 2006

Freedom of speech gets personal - again.

In the not too distant past I had some discussions face to face with some Muslim men about their opinions of what it is right to do to Kuffars (infidels). Some of these discussions got quite heated on their part because I’m not one to back down. Ultimately, the vast majority admitted that it is right, in their opinion, to kill kuffars. I’ve had these discussions in more than one European country and also in India.

Yesterday night I was sitting at a terrace bar in Spain having a drink with a Spanish friend. Religion popped up in the conversation and I made the comment “There is no god” (god never deserves the respect of a capital G in my book). To my surprise, a Moroccan gentleman sitting with some of his friends at a table near by leaned over and told me not to say what I had just said. I told him “I’m talking to my friend here, not to you”. This was not a good enough answer for this particular chap.

He turned back to his friends and said something in Arabic; the only word of which I caught was “Kuffar”. He then turned back to me and launched into a tirade about how I should be careful about what I say because there will be consequences. So there I was sitting in a European democracy suddenly being threatened for voicing my opinion in a private conversation that there is no god. Fantastic! I told him that if he is so concerned with his faith then maybe he and his friends should not be sitting there drinking beers. Fucking hypocrites!

I told him that I couldn’t care less about his threats and that there is no god. He told me that god’s punishment for people like me is infinite. I told him that god’s punishment is non-existent and that he should talk to his friends and I’ll continue talking to mine.

He still was not satisfied.

He picked the wrong person to have this fight with.

I do not back down to fuckwitts and retards pushing superstitious hatred in preference to freedom of speech. I do not censor what I say to respect the rantings of some ancient ignorant peasant or their modern followers that distort their world view by taking such ranting as wisdom. What ensued was a discussion, teetering on the brink of violence most of the time, in which I was being threatened, insulted and told I should shut up or face consequences. I remained calm, steering clear of personal insult but sticking firmly to my position that I have the right to state that I do not believe in god and I also have the right to state that I think belief in god and following Islam is obscenely ridiculous, especially when someone claims to defend Islam whilst drinking a beer. One fascinating snippet of information that was revealed is that the four Moroccan men were all illegal immigrants. And they were telling me what I can and cannot say in a country where I am a legal resident with my freedom of speech protected under law.

Before long a passing police car stopped and my threatener decided to leave along with his friends. But it was not over.

When I eventually left and said good night to my friend I began walking home. En route I discovered the same four Moroccans still wanted to talk. Actually they wanted to threaten me. There were some insults shouted at me and the man who had originally taken offence made a cutting gesture with his finger across his throat a couple of times. One of them pointed to the moon and stated "There is god. No man has ever been there only god can be there". I explained to him about the Apollo missions and that once again his superstitions were a contradiction to demonstrable fact. I was told that I should watch my back when I am outside. I told them to go and fuck themselves and explained that if they wanted trouble then they should stop talking bullshit and just get on with it. Even though there were four of them and only one of me in the deserted 3am streets, they decided not to fight. To be perfectly honest I was almost sorry for that. The police will do absolutely nothing if I point out that these guys are here illegally, but if they had fought me then they would end up in court and subsequently they would end up being deported and that is the outcome that I would support. Certainly it’s worth a few bruises.

So I have this to say. I don’t care about your faith, not one little bit. Believe what you want to believe but when you start telling me what I have to believe or what I can and cannot say and you start to threaten me when I disagree with you then you are my enemy. I respect you less than I respect a lump of dog shit in the street. At the least the dog shit is something I will try to avoid. If you’re an aggressive fundy you don’t deserve the respect of being avoided. You deserve to be absolutely ignored and if you are in the way you should be ploughed right through.

So in honour of these aggressive Muslim fundys I am republishing an excellent Muhammad cartoon by artist D.T.Devareaux from over at The Study of Revenge (thanks D.T.D).


Stick that in your hookah and smoke it you Islamofascist hypocrite fundy ignorant pigs.

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biff biffington said...

Funny. I assume Spain doesn't have concealed carry laws? Had this incident happened in the States, there might very well be 4 fewer Moroccans in the world.