Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Introduction to the Planet of the Apes

There’s a lot of analysis going on over the media scandals in Lebanon that show a good chance of finally bringing the truth of the lying MSM to the masses. I’m not going to try to add to that because quite frankly there is just so much to comment on that to fully understand the intricacies of the issue you have to read a great deal about a great many events. I highly recommend that you do just that by visiting the following blogs and reading as much as you can:

At the same time Hizbollah is claiming victory and a relatively large amount of the idiot Lebanese are supporting them despite the fact that Hizbollah is now half of what it was and that more than 1000 were killed and there was some considerable collateral damage and of course the staggering and highly ignored fact that THEY STARTED IT. Syria and Iran are also claiming a Hizbollah victory against Israel and the United States and using the situation to blatantly lie to their people and whip up even more anti-Western hysteria and frenzy. All of course to the joy of the MSM who love nothing better than to falsely report the death of the evil Western democracies and the success, hope and power of murderous Islamic theocracies and dictatorships whilst ignoring their brutal treatment of their own people and their continued support and encouragement of terrorists in the noble cause of killing civilians.

Meanwhile, the BBC is giving airtime to Islamofascists that are denying that the UK terror plot that has recently fucked up everyone’s air travel (you owe my sister a suitcase you fuckheads) was even a terror plot instead of using its tax on the British people to report unbiased fact. Not content with just that, they are also reporting Hizbollah's “victory”. It really is time to shut these terrorist enablers down.

So with the state of the world as it is today I thought I’d have a shot at describing what exactly it is I think needs to be said. So here goes….

The world is being polarised by lying media organisations and murderous despots into four basic camps. There are two suicide camps. The first is the jihadis. Their goals are pretty simple:

1) Kill all of the Jews everywhere.
2) Establish a global Islamic Caliphate and impose the vicious and barbaric standard of Sharia law on the entirety of the world’s population.

The second suicide camp is by far the largest and is basically the majority of the Worlds population, including the media, that are incapable of understanding that they have enemies who want to kill or subjugate them into dhimmitude. Their goals are also very simple:

1) Promote a left wing agenda that supports selective liberalism (multiculturalism, political correctness) whilst ignoring human rights (gay and lesbian equality, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from persecution, gender equality). The objective of the selective adherence to and support of these rights is based entirely on the context of which group is in violation of them or which group can be described as the victim. The result is that Muslim crimes against Muslims and Westerners either go unreported, undiscussed or acquire a distortionary spin so fantastic in its application that the information disseminated can very accurately be described as fiction but more aptly described as anti-Western, anti-democracy, anti-human rights, pro-terrorist propaganda
2) Denial that they have an enemy and in doing so support that enemy in much the same way that appeasers and apologists did when faced with the rise of the Nazis, only this time it is worse because the enemy is very much aware of the media war it is fighting to undermine the resistance that would otherwise naturally crush it.

The third camp is that of the non-Muslim racists, as opposed to the Muslim racists, which are in the first camp. These individuals and groups have essentially one simple goal:

1) White (or other non-Muslim ethnicity) power.

These are individuals that have fallen into the simple trap of blaming based on skin colour or ethnicity and are really quite a lot like the first camp except for the fact that they are less numerous, less active and are condemned by the western media for the same crimes that the media ignore in camp one despite the fact camp three commit a fraction of the same crimes on a fraction of the same scale.

The fourth camp is the growing but still uncomfortably small camp of realists, amongst whom I count myself. We are regularly labelled as being the third camp by the first and the second camp although it is absolutely clear and obvious to anybody that cares to read what we write that we have about as much in common with the third camp as we do with the first and second camps, in other words nothing at all. Our objectives are as follows:

1) To protect civilization from ideological barbarity and hatred.
2) To reduce the impact of an inevitable clash between faith based barbarity and reason based civilization.
3) To protect freedom of speech and personal freedoms - everywhere.
4) To prevent non-proportional influence being given to minorities living in the west in policy setting as this is an affront to the democratic process and a violation of everybody’s rights.
5) To oppose discrimination, violence and the suppression of freedoms and equalities throughout the world.
6) To oppose and counter the genuine threat of wide spread media bias which misinforms the public and enables terrorists by spreading jihad encouraging propaganda and democratic government disabling untruths.

There is also a fifth camp, although it is largely imaginary or so it would seem. The fifth camp is that of the Muslim moderates. The vast majority, so we are assured, of peaceful Muslims who oppose terrorism and violence targeted at civilians. This camp is so quiet that you can be forgiven for thinking that it does not exist at all, but the truth is, and I know this from personal experience and personal friendships with Muslims, that it does. The problem is however that this camp has a very difficult time finding its voice because speaking against camp one literally does mean speaking against their own faith as the Qur’an does very clearly demand the gaols and actions of the first camp. This camp is being steadily polarised towards the first camp, thanks to the extreme efforts of the second camp in misinforming about the first camp, using the real but minor reality of the third camp and the mislabelling of the fourth camp with the third.

Things look pretty grim. And they are getting worse – mostly thanks to the work undertaken by the second camp to ensure the rapid growth of the first and the prevention of individuals from entering the fourth.

So where does this leave us for our future? The answer to that is very simple. You can expect violence to increase. The fact that Israel have stopped (been stopped by the international community and the biased media) from completing the objective of disarming Hizbollah is a massive victory for Islamofascism and international terrorism, even though it is fair and accurate to point out that Hizbollah were being beaten like a wheelchair bound granny against Mike Tyson. Recruitment will increase and you can thank the media for that. You can expect to see an increase in suicide bombings globally. You can expect to see the day, before long, that you actually feel nervous when someone who looks like they might be Muslim gets on the train or bus with you or enters the restaurant you are eating in with a bag or a jacket that looks a little too big. You can expect to see the day when the chance for reason is lost and we degenerate into a bloody cycle of violence that is going to cost us all the lives of people we know and maybe even our own.

This, I am sorry to assure you, is inevitable.

Winston Churchill always regarded himself as a failure, despite the fact that he became one of history’s greatest heroes. He saw himself as a failure as he failed to get people to notice the threat of National Socialism whilst it could still have been stopped. He failed to out talk the apologists and the appeasers and the result was the bloodiest war this planet has ever known. A worse war is coming and it is our failure that will shame us for the rest of our lives that we have not yet managed to point out to the majority that the same is happening now. We are already too late to stop massive loss of life and some truly terrible years to come, but we can still reduce the cost by standing up early and coordinating together shout the truth of our situation to the world and prepare our steel for the battle we face.

If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to educate yourself on the true nature of Islam, the genuine bias of the media, the political fallacy that legally protected segregation assists integration and the madness of the lie that our enemy is not even real.

Read the Hamas covenant and understand what the media don’t tell you about the Palestinian cause.

Read the Qur’an and understand what the media and Muslims don’t tell you about their “religion of peace and tolerance”.

Read the truth of justice in Iran.

Read the truth about the media in Lebanon.

Read the truth about Muslim appeasement and terrorists operating freely and with great influence within the media and political umbrella of the West.

Read it all and decide your future. Are you going to sit quietly and do nothing? Are you going to shout and heckle to invite the devil to your door? Or are you going to base your understanding and opinions on fact and do your best to get those around you to do the same?

Resistance starts with the understanding of what it is you feel it is worthy to resist and what it is you feel it is worthy to protect. Isn’t it worth protecting yourselves and your children from a menace the media are still trying to convince you doesn’t exist?

This isn’t about left or right – sooner or later you are going to have to face the fact that this is about survival and exactly as happened before WW2, there are appeasers, apologists and liars that do not want to recognise they have a common enemy who has already chosen to hate them all.

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