Thursday, August 17, 2006

We can't stop here. This is bat country!

Last night I was laying in bed reading with two dogs (my own and a lost dog I have temporarily taken in) when a visitor suddenly zoomed in through the open window. That's him over on the right.

The dogs went wild, and since my neighbours tend not to enjoy massive amounts of noise at 2am I was relieved when the bat stopped circling the bed and the manic dogs and shot through the open bedroom door to take a gaze at the rest of my house. I lept at the chance to quiet the dogs by closing the door, forgetting of course that all the other windows were closed. So this morning, my visitor was still here. But I didn't know where.

After several hours I found him resting behind a painting I have hanging on my living room wall. He stayed there all day until tonight he finally got up the courage to head out for a while. He flew around my lounge for ages. I took the chance to grab some video. I may upload it to youtube if anyone wants to see.

The bat managed to successfully leave through my open terrace doors - four times! And each time he came straigth back in. Perhaps he likes it here. When he left for the fifth time he seemed to be content to be gone for good, but who knows? I shall leave the doors open and see tomorrow morning if he's decided my place is a nice place to live. It is a very nice painting after all.

Two dogs, a bat and enough potent marijuana, so close to harvest, to keep me cheerful for more than a month. Life is good.

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