Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why PC is crap and religious belief should not be respected.

Interestingly someone called Bernada, who regularly argues a point of view which seems to take nothing from the video I am about to show you, posted a link to this video in a discussion I am currently taking part in. Thanks to her for the link as this is exactly what I used to say in the previous incarnation of this blog until I decided to be less serious. Here's the video.

Sam Harris provides us with a precise and accurate account of why political correctness is a dangerous and intellectualy vacuous philosophy and why respecting peoples belief is just plain stupid. Please watch it and learn.

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Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said...

There is something very dishonest about Bernarda. I know she is from France, and I'm guessing she is an ex Muslim.
Her views on Atheism are correct but her views on Israel and Jews are neo-Nazi like.

Anyways, check this thread out, and if you like, help me out....I'm dealing with imbecile Atheists on Raving Atheists these days. Mystic is like BDE for example.

chooseDoubt said...

I'll definitely head over to that thread. Thanks for the link.

Yep, Bernada is a strange one. I almost didn't follow the link to this video but in the end the temptation to see what madness she was using to backherself up with was just too strong. I was extremely surprised to find she'd posted something of such quality. I've read quite a lot of your regular exchanges with her and she's never given me the impression that she applies any of this thinking to her own perceptions. Just goes how people can both surprise you and compartmentalise their thinking into rational and totally irrational silos without the slightest understanding that this is what they do.


Vile Blasphemer said...

That Sam Harris guy, he's cool. I like him.