Friday, August 18, 2006

Extreme Blogging that'll piss people off

Vile Balsphemer, over at Desercate Holy Books, has delivered a post that I think might cause a stir. I know nothing at all as to the content of the images other than that the sequence appears to show an egg being fertilized, left to divide for a few days and then the after affects of it being destroyed using a bunsen burner and bleach.

I don't know the origins of these images, and no comment is made as to what the images feature beyond calling them cells. But there is certainly a suspicion of what sort of cells these are; especially since VB has previously mentioned the following:

"You see, my lab owns, shall we say, a line of human sex cells which we use for various genetic researches and projects as well as providing to university research facilities. My dilemma is this- I could probably commit the ultimate blasphemy, but am torn with the length of time it would take to perform and I'm looking for all of your input. I want to take one of the ova, fertilize it, and then destroy it. Thus, I have, to the Christian conception of life, murdered a child. But I will have also created that life. Curious little moral conundrum, eh?

I was also thinking that it would be funny to, I don't know, fertilize the ova with my own *ahem* seed. In that way, I'd be usurping God by creating life outside of sex, angering God through an act of Onanism, denying God's law by aborting a "child", and then really making God annoyed by an act of filicide."

If it is what it could be then I don't know if that constitutes murder or not under US law. But is it art?

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