Thursday, October 05, 2006

Predicting the wake up call of the left

I don't like using left and right terms as I think that ones opinions on such a broad topic of life cannot be so easily polarised. Yet when it comes to nuclear arms proliferation and the spread of fascism I can most certainly be considered to belong to the right. And the left deeply worry me.

Over at the BBC they have a "have your say" comments section regarding whether or not North Korea should be nuclear armed. Reading the comments is literally mind blowing. There is wide spread support for North Korea carrying out nuclear tests and developing a usable nuclear arsenal. The excuse for the support is that states must be able to defend themselves from US Imperialism. I have a comment to make on this.

You people are fucking crazy!

You harp on about how the US is bullying states like Iran and North Korea and that surely these nations must have equal rights to weapons that the US Imperial monster already has. Doesn't it make a difference to you how these states intend to use or would use these weapons?

Let's take a look. Iran is committed to the destruction of Israel. The MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) principle that kept the cold war cold does not apply in this situation. Iran’s leadership, based upon unshakable religious faith, are actually committed not to survival but to bringing about Armageddon. They actually welcome mutual destruction in exactly the same way that a suicide bomber on a bus welcomes the mutual destruction of themselves along with the innocent little kids sitting around them. Iran is one giant suicide bomber and you want to give it nuclear weapons? Absolutely mind-numbing! Let's not bother going into Iran’s record of human rights abuses, such as the execution of rape victims, children, homosexuals and apostates and the fact that the morality police are, by government edict, now regularly beating, raping and imprisoning women for not wearing traditional dress.

Next we have North Korea. North Korea will sell nuclear weapons to absolutely anybody that can pay. Iran, will just give the weapons away to anyone sufficiently evil to use them (maybe in the city in which you live), so maybe you don't feel so terrified by the North Korea being prepared to sell weapons to anyone that has the cash. But the point is that this is a very dangerous cat that simply cannot be let out of the bag. Both Iran and North Korea must be stopped from possessing a usable nuclear arsenal.

North Koreas record on human rights may also be interesting reading for you. Here’s an extract of what the UN say about regular violations of human rights in North Korea:

Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, public executions, extrajudicial and arbitrary detention, the absence of due process and the rule of law, imposition of the death penalty for political reasons, the existence of a large number of prison camps and the extensive use of forced labour;
Sanctions on citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea who have been repatriated from abroad, such as treating their departure as treason leading to punishments of internment, torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or the death penalty;
All-pervasive and severe restrictions on the freedoms of thought, conscience, religion, opinion and expression, peaceful assembly and association and on access of everyone to information, and limitations imposed on every person who wishes to move freely within the country and travel abroad;
Continued violation of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of women, in particular the trafficking of women for prostitution or forced marriage, ethnically motivated forced abortions, including by labour inducing injection or natural delivery, as well as infanticide of children of repatriated mothers, including in police detention centres and labour training camps;

And you leftist loons think a state that murders its own babies on a massive scale, enslaves its people (and by the way works them to death), kidnapped and enslaved foreign nationals from their own countries and has executed literally millions on ethnic and political grounds has the "right" to have a nuclear arsenal to protect itself against the US Imperialist bully?

You people are fucking crazy!

But you are so bitter in your hatred of the US, which is also so badly unfounded, that you are blind to fact and reason. There is no point trying to convince you. Stay in your dream world. Your wake up call is going to be when many thousands, perhaps millions, die in an instant from a searing flash that stirs you from your idiot dreams. Accept the responsibility of that when it happens. That is what you are wishing for and when you get that wish that you are big enough to recognise how many died and suffered for your irrational dreams.

You are idiots and your idiocy sickens me because it costs millions of lives. You just don’t understand that because you are safe and free in a country that doesn’t kill you for your thoughts, no matter how stupid they are.

That awful photograph at the top of this article is what North Korea already does to children (its own children). The hellish image below is what babies look like when radiation and heavy radioactive elements are present during their development, and yes, it is a real photo.

You’d better get used to seeing more of this.

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Vile Blasphemer said...

It's good to see that you're back to being a productive member of the community.

chooseDoubt said...

I'm not properly back. I just needed a quick vent. I'm working on a new template for the blog. If I'm going to post stuff like photos of hideously deformed dead babies then I want things to look nice. Tasteful even.

Anonymous said...

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chooseDoubt said...

"I like your story."

Erm, spam, spam, spam, spam, dead baby!!! Fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

Considering that the U.S. is the only ones who ever actually used a nuke you would see the logic in payback but of course it's old new right? change is needed regardless

Anonymous said...

it's true the governments of the states are a bunch of w*nkers..... but as the person above said, the US was the first country to use a nuke! and has done some pretty nasty things in the past in the name of "democracy"......

Anonymous said...

sorry, i meant the governments of north korea and iran are nasty..... not america..... thats what i meant by states.... haha