Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Atheists Blogroll

Atheist BlogrollI've added the Atheists Blogroll to the site and if you are an atheist with your own blog then highly recommend that you join. I have to admit that I was absolutely thrilled to see that my little collection of rants now shares a blogroll with such fantastic sceptics as Phil Plat, the Bad Astronomer, who's site I read and enjoyed many moons ago (he does a fantastic job of debunking all sorts of crackpot assertions of the scarcely educated and barely sentient).

Become The Cure.

Faith is a terrible disease often contracted during childhood and usually passed from parent to child. It is highly contagious and has resulted in many millions of deaths and extreme suffering through out history and still contributes to millions of avoidable deaths each year. It is believed to directly attack and disable mental functions related to critical thinking. Although scientists have found ways of undermining this awful infection it has become highly fact resistant and continues to be a major threat to human kind.

If you’re a blogger and you have either not been infected or have already been one of the lucky few to have recovered from this sickness please help those less fortunate by joining the Atheists Blogroll and joining the effort to cure faith.

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Free Range Arnold said...

As an atheist and a blogger, I hope I can help the cause by steering people away from my blog, with has nothing to do with faith, blogging, or atheism. Thanks in advance for not reading!

chooseDoubt said...

LOL :) I'm on my way.