Thursday, October 19, 2006

Musical Interlude

This one is dedicated to BDE :)

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Anonymous said...

a sick distasteful compilation to invoke serious hate speak. but nevertheless it demonstrates the darker side of islam.

chooseDoubt said...

What's wrong with hate speech? I hate that our society is retarded by artificial segregation based on absolutely nothing at all. I hate that conflict and human suffering are maintained by our desire to respect what is clearly nonsense instead of respect the happiness of the person next to you. I hate that as a species we have yet to figure out that we are fighting over tickets in a lottery for which we will never know the winning combination. We don’t even have a single reason to expect that this specific lottery even exists. The cost of each ticket? Everything.

Hate speech can be good.

I hate that we’re supposed to pretend that fucking our future away for a miserable and bloody present is something that none of us should feel comfortable to speak up about.

Muhammad fucked kids.

There you go.

Islam is bollocks.

There you go again.

It’s the rantings of an ignorant, ancient warmonger who fucked kids.

Right now people are dying for it. Right now hundreds of millions are suffering for it and ensuring future suffering because they can’t kick the habit of respecting what is clearly nasty shite. And they can’t kick it because they are certain it’s the truth. And they are certain due to what?

Based on what?

Based on the words of a warmonger who penetrated children with the blood fresh on his hands. And nothing else.

Everywhere you look on this planet you find people of faith and absolutely everywhere you find people of faith you find people trying to make decisions about the lives of others that have absolutely nothing to do with them. And they need so much to make these decisions that they feel the need, the justification, to ride over that person’s individual liberty and crush that person’s unique and individual expression of being alive. Even to end it.

I’m hate speaking against hate living. I’m comfortable with that. I’m uncomfortable that I feel the need.

Because hate is not my motivation. It’s not even my reaction. It’s just a label on a way of talking that makes some people uncomfortable because above the lives of those that suffer they value more the day dream that something matters more.

The evidence speaks for itself. If no one listens then sometimes one must shout.

Anonymous said...


So because Mo fucked kids Islam is irrevocably evil?

That is a stretch.

Why don't you decry the actions of hundreds of Christian and Jewish child abusers? Because you have a hate-on for Islam.

Why is that? What is it that has made you a bigot?


chooseDoubt said...


I'd say that Mo's sexual activities with children are a pretty powerful indication that the morality he promoted may have some flaws. I'd also say what he had to say regarding the place of females in general, this denigrating 50% of the population to a subordinate status, is also a sign that perhaps he was not a great role model.

Beyond that then I'd have to focus on the continuous contradictions throughout the Qur'an and ahadith, such as the multiple contradictory versions of the creation myth, his propensity for violence, his encouragement of lying, his encouragement and practice of slavery, and his murderous intentions towards all other faiths are all either signs that Islam is neither factual nor ethically acceptable.

I am happy to decry the actions of child abusers in general; also rapists, murderers, and in fact absolutely anybody committing any action that is unjustified and forces the suffering of others. Justification must come from entirely rational ethnical grounds, not from a baseless faith.

I think you are under the impression that I am fan of Christianity or Judaism. This is not true. I am absolutely opposed to all faiths and they all have their evils firmly embedded within their scriptures, traditions and resultant prejudices. Thanks to the historic rise of secularism, something which is sadly being undone in some parts of the world, these two faiths adhere much less to the murderous nonsense of their scripture and so are currently less of a concern than Islam is to me. Although I do not want to down play my concern. The Catholic Church is responsible for contributing to two million avoidable AIDS deaths annually and has a vicious and bloody history as awful as the reality of Islam today.

But you are mistaken if you think that the faults of other faiths exclude Islam from valid criticism against the brutality it contains.

Vile Blasphemer said...

Hilarious video- love it.

alireza Lotfmanesh said...

dear bde,as an iranian and first victim of evil islam for 1436 years of misery and torture i would like to say that i am proud of you as a responsible and someone who care about humanity as whole.i just have one problem with you as an iranian,you said that you are opposed to all faith and they all have their evils firmly embedded within their scriptures and......

could you tell me if you have heard of Zoroastrianism? I guess not.this ancient iranian faith goes back to more than 7000 years ago .
this religion or faith had or has three messages for
human being:GOOD THOUGHTS -GOOD WPRDS-GOOD DEEDS.could any civilized body go beyond that?no never,yes EVIL ISLAM arrived in PERSIAN EMPIRE and replaced this with EVIL KORAN and SWORD.yes it was this faith that teaches you to become like king CYROUS with it,s first HUMAN-RIGHT DECLARATION more than 2500 years ago when the rest of the world were probably living in caves (with no disrespect of course ).so please do some research and find out why nobody even lied
before EVIL ISLAM,S occupation of the BIRTHPLACE CIVILIZATION IRAN.nice video thanks.ALI REZA.

Anonymous said...


I am quite aware of Zoarastranism and Ahura Mazda.


bishoujo said...

Our responses to the "Child Molester" lie against our beloved Prophet, Muhammad peace be upon him:

look at this link:

and then reply again!What would u say?!

We are waiting.