Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The ultimate answer.

If you've been here before you may have noticed that I've been unusually quiet. I've not been posting comments on other people's blogs and I've not been doing much in the way of posting here. If truth be told, which it always should be, neither have I been reading much in the way of other blogs. There is a reason for this.

Shortly before my holidays I hit on an idea - one I'd been trying to hit on all of my life. It was the answer to the one question I absolutely wanted to know the answer to before I die. I wanted to know what reality is. As absurd as this surely sounds, I think I now know. To be perfectly honest, the piffling little debates regarding the obvious lost some of their attraction (and all of their meaning) as a result - hence the near total silence.

Instead I have been testing my idea through numerous thought experiments. This has lead to a deeper understanding of the original idea and I have as yet to find a single hole. This is somewhat troubling as the answer I have is going to be deeply hated by theists and atheists, scientists and ignorants alike. I'm of the opinion that I'll rapidly lose the few friends I do have if I reveal my thinking and so I wanted to be as certain as I can be before I commit that act. I am now that certain.

I am not going to reveal this answer now. I am currently writing it up though and will be revealing it soon - but not here. I have chosen to stick my name on this one and accept the consequences.

Anyway for those that are curious about the answer I can state categorically that it is not 42. It is, however, remarkably simple and I can actually write the entire solution in a single phrase significantly shorter than this sentence. Understanding it may require some explanation, some diagrams and some hard work. I will be welcoming feedback and criticisms once I publish the idea.

Just thought I'd let you know.

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Chris Severn said...

Hi CD,
You've really got my interest.

I think I can say that no matter what you say subsequently, I'm going to learn something....

Tommy said...

I don't think you will lose any friends over it, though I suspect some of your readers will shake their heads or shrug.

To be honest, it is never something I pondered. But here is my two cents worth. Reality is everything that happens, and that includes people who think about things that are not real, because the thoughts themselves are real.

God isn't real, but belief in god is real.

chooseDoubt said...

Hi Chris & Tommy,

Thanks for the encouragement in advance. I'll be sending you both a link to where I post the idea.

Any explanation of reality has to be all-inclusive. There can be no external dependencies - no assumed external framework to fit within. All the reasons have to be self-contained and require no framework.

Questions such as these have to be answered:

Why does anything exist?
Why do we have the natural laws we have?
Why do we not have different natural laws?
Are we a lone universe or is there a multiverse? Why?
What is special about logic and why?
What is infinity?
Why is the possible possible and the impossible impossible?
What is the origin of everything?
What is the fate of everything?
How can the transition between non-existence to existence occur, or vice versa?

I'm sure I've left some questions out, but what I plan to do is answer all of the above.

It might take me a bit longer to write this stuff up as I want to make it clear. That's a little difficult as our language isn't ideally suited to talking about such things and it's easy to confuse meanings. Anyway, I'm giving it a go.



Anonymous said...

holy mojitos batman!
sounds mind-bendingly hard and very interesting.
good luck - i'd love to read it when you're done.

Ulrich said...


don't look for the answers where people usually look for wisdom (universities, books etc.).

Children think in clear and often surprising terms.
My daughter surprised me with simple yet confusing question:

Daughter: Daddy, was there a time when you were as small as I am?

Me: Yes, darling, I was as small as you are, too. But that's long ago...

Daughter (with worried undertone in her voice): But who was my daddy then...?

Is there truth and logic in it? Who wants to outrule the possibility that we were both small, at the same time??