Monday, October 08, 2007

Soul fairy

Ok, a quick one.

Plenty of people tell their kids that when their teeth fall out that they should bury them under their pillow and that the tooth fairy will come at night and take the tooth away.

As the kds grow up they grasp the fact that the tooth fairy doesn't come at all and that the universe has no special rules for the death of teeth and what happens to them thereafter.

Plenty of people tell their kids that when they die they should be burried under ground and that the soul fairy - Jesus et al - will come and take their soul away. I wonder if so many would keep believing in the soul fairy if the body were not hidden and they had to face the inevitable truth that just as it is the parents that take the tooth it is the worms and bacteria that take the corpse? Would they notice that the universe has no special rules for the death of creature of which the tooth is a part?

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Doug said...

I love the soul fairy analogy. Of course, one big difference is that the tooth fairy's earthly representatives (the parents) give you cash in exchange for the tooth. In contrast, most people spend their lives giving money to the soul fairy's earthly minions every week. That doesn't seem fair. I bet the whole tooth fairy thing would die out in a week if children were told to leave a tooth and 10 percent of their allowance under the pillow and the tooth fairy would guarantee them perfect teeth in the afterlife.

chooseDoubt said...

Hehehehe - brilliant Doug. But you missed that the kids would also have to say sorry for having had teeth that fall out anyway and they'd have to accept Jesus as the one true dentist.

I wonder if we can start lobbying dental colleges to start teaching IC (Intelligent Collection) theory of tooth disposal.