Thursday, October 11, 2007

A brief update on the ultimate answer

In writing up the ultimate answer I have been thinking intensely on the criticisms and questions that will be raised. By education I am a physicist, but honestly that was a long time ago. I am rusty.

I'm finding it extremely heavy going but I have yet to find a fault with this solution. I have been going through everything from entropy to M-Theory, trying to find fault with what I am thinking or at least find clues to suggest that I am wrong. In the process I've realised a number of other questions that I have to solve and for which, I believe, the ultimate answer enables a solution to be found. Currently I'm working on the speed of light. Why is it what it is? Why is it a limitation? How exactly does that information conform to the solution I have at hand or how can it prove me wrong? In the most basic yet descriptive of terms, this is turning into a total head fuck! But like all fucks, it holds the promise of total bliss.

I want to start to say what it is that I have been thinking but I know that if I do I will face a barrage of criticism much stronger than anything I have faced before. If the t's aren't crossed and the i's are not dotted there's a very real risk that even if I finally say something insightful and accurate, assuming I am not simply deluded, that no one will take a blind bit of notice and may even be turned off of the idea, which I am increasingly secure holds some significant truth.

At this point I am obsessed. I think of everything in terms of this solution and I am constantly checking the solution against everything. I am thinking about hundreds of things each day and ensuring that everything fits. I am on the verge of saying something either truly profound or truly idiotic. I suppose it will be either my shame or my glory. All I care about is that I know which one it is for myself before I let everyone else pass their judgement. Then, I really don't care if anyone agrees.

I am 98% certain. I want to be 99.9999999% certain. Everyday the figure changes and so far it has only increased.

I am prepared to drop a couple of hints. Parallel universes will be used as a means of introducing some concepts but I am convinced that there are not parallel universes, at least not as they are thought of - as separate systems. They are a useful way of thinking as a sort of simplified model of what there really is - which I think is going to be a bit of a surprise. The core concept is necessarily incomprehensible but that does not prevent it from being useful, much like quantum physics is so incredibly strange to our minds and yet has been shown to work. Oh, and there is no time but relativity can still be explained in a consistent way. And finally, logic has a reason why - it is possible to say why.

I'm likely going to be quiet for a while whilst I struggle through these non-classical conundrums with a classically limited mind. But even if I find fault I am going to write up and publish what I've got, explaining the fault I find. Someone smarter than me, better educated than me, might be able to take it from there.


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Carly said...

I'm working my way up your posts and at this point I can't wait to hear what you have been working on. From what I have read so far it seems that your ideas are very similar to mine and I can't wait to see where your explorations are taking you.