Friday, March 30, 2007

Try to help these women.

Ms. Amouna Abdallah Daldoum (23 years old) and Ms. Sadia Idries Fadul (22 years old) are two very unlucky women. They are about to be stoned to death for the crime of adultery in Sudan whilst the man involved has already been acquitted. I don't agree at all that adultery should be a crime but even in backward dark age recesses like Sudan, where it is a capital crime, how is it possible for the one party (male) to be acquitted and the other (female) guilty? What a disgusting caricature of justice this is and of course we have religion to thank for it all.

You can try to help them by signing this online petition. Please do so!

Now, you may be thinking, and probably quite rightly, that your signature on this petition will make no difference at all. I ask you to consider however that there is a small chance that it will and that it is worth a couple of minutes of your time to attempt to save another living person from the horror of their death. What we do not achieve today by our efforts we accumulate to achieve tomorrow. Your signature is not wasted.

If you are not familiar with just how brutal stoning is and you are "comfortable" with watching extreme violence then I suggest you watch this video of death by stoning. If you are not "comfortable", as I am not, then I still suggest you take a deep breath and watch it anyway. This is reality and you must be prepared to face it. It will not change unless you do.

Please sign.

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