Saturday, March 31, 2007

God makes you pointless.

God is probably the square shaped peg that many reality-challenged individuals are continuously trying to hammer into the round hole left in their minds by the utter meaninglessness of their lives. This is something I find quite ironic.

It’s pretty simple. If God is this absolutely everything of everythings then his existence makes you pointless. Nothing you do is outside of the plan, and upon completion of a life dedicated to His idiotic rituals and obsessively stupid rules you get to go to heaven to spend life in the perfect state of being with god. In other words you become immutable.

Being in the perfect state means that all time will be the same. You can’t have a bad day in heaven since all days are the best they can possibly be and that means all days are absolutely equal. There is no variety in perfection, which is another logical nail in the coffin of the theistic fantasy that is already just one big mess of a billion nails and a few splinters of shattered wood waiting to be swept up from the floor of the reality.

If something doesn’t change then it doesn’t exist because any and all interaction is change and so no change means no interaction and no interaction is exactly the same as not existing. If you don’t believe me then you are free to try and pass a nanosecond without interacting. You can’t do it can you? Nothing can. Everything that exists interacts and it is only by its interactions that we can say anything exists. Everything therefore changes and this is abundantly clear.

So for there to be a perfect state, the acquisition of which is your purpose, your purpose is actually to become purposeless and pointless – to become null. Your goal is to become nothing. It’s kind of hard for me to figure out in this case why you are all so afraid of death and feel such an enormous need to believe obvious nonsense since your ultimate objective is to race right towards something which is equal.

But then, religions never do make sense and rarely are religious people able to think sense. It really is time you all just grew up and stopped behaving like frightened children. You are going to die and not exist any more – big deal! Get over your ego and get used to it. It’s really not so important and really not so bad and even your fantasy doesn’t save you from the fact that there is no ultimate meaning to your life. Just try to have a life you find fulfilling and stop using your idiot philosophy to make other people’s lives worse.

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