Friday, August 10, 2007

On Holiday

Hi everyone,

I’m on holiday with my children and time with them has to take priority over time writing sense for fundamentalists to ignore. There’s loads I need to catch up with on this blog and most of it is half written. I’ll try to get through it as and when time allows, but I’ve got to state that my kids deserve a good holiday and I’ll be making absolutely no effort that counteract that objective.

Speaking of the holiday, things are really nice. We’re combining fun with education. First we establish that something is fun and then we learn about it. Today we are mostly focussed on maths at the river and chucking in a bit of biology and evolution to boot. We’re also doing some magic (Paul Zenon books) and we’re having a really great time. We’re planning on heading to an island in the next few days to enjoy the sea life and the night sky and a visit to an observatory is on the cards. Over the last few days my daughter expressed an interest in making furniture and so we decided to design and build a bed. It’s now finished and it’s top notch. I love this time with them.

Anyway, I’m going to be quiet for about a month but during the nights I’ll write a bit and when posts are finished I’ll post them. I might see if my son wants to write an article also. He’s been studying evolution and he’s getting a very good gene’s eye grasp.

I hope everyone else is having holidays (or is expecting them) as good as mine.

All the best,


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Rhology said...

You'll be missed! Have a great journey.

r.c. said...

I commend you on your attention to your children. Don't let us disturb it. Have a pleasant holiday.