Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Long time no write

There are only so many hours one can legitimately describe as rewarding when repeatedly undertaking any action. That which is at first worthwhile does not always remain so. For example, the self-pleasuring caresses of enthusiastic masturbation can be both invigorating and satisfying. However, keep it up for too long and one soon starts to feel a bit of a wanker and nothing more.

Another example, one closer to the theme of this blog, would be that of pointing out to believers the simple fact that their universal theory of everything is in fact in absolutely no way distinguishable in its sophistication or veracity from the theory many four year olds hold regarding how a stack of presents recently appeared under a indoor tree. Pointing out to these people that their beliefs are both baseless and absurd is essential. It is also rewarding. Not only does every argument bring with it a deeper realisation of just how retarded our cultural inheritance of credulity is but this realisation in turn acts as yet further inoculation against succumbing to other non-theistic strains of the stupid-flu that has infected every tradition of our species. We are a race of idiots. We can understand that no better than by confronting the most idiotic convictions we hold. Inevitably however, we must confront the moment in which stimulation degrades and we are left with nothing more than repetitive and unrewarding friction.

It is mostly for this reason that I no longer write. I could even imagine myself being quite happy leading a quite and simple life of intellectual pursuit, reading only those opinions offered by those with reason to hold them. I certainly feel that my time has been better used in doing just this of late, working my way through the philosophy and science sections of my local library and enjoying the challenge of reading complex works in a second language. But the monster stupidity of pathetic religious belief is not content to enjoy the silence. Instead they persist in coming to my door. The Jehovah’s have been back and their visits nudge my interest back to a further round of enthusiastic friction.

I have nothing to say at this time beyond what I have now written. I simply wanted to let anybody that is interested know that I’ll have another go at rubbing the dull minds of the believers to see if any will attain the climax of reason.

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Chris Severn said...

Thanks for letting us know.

I completely understand. There's so many things more important in this life than trying to get through to people who don't want to be gotten-through-to.

sacred slut said...

I loved this.

I think most atheist bloggers can relate to your post. It can seem exhausting and fruitless to keep on repeating the same information to the apparently mindless rabble. But it does help, I am convinced by the rising numbers of young people who reject religion.

Glad to see you'll be back beating the masses about the...er, heads...again. ;)