Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Miracles Or Science

At around 3 minutes into the video below the train goes under the people on the bridge - whoooosh!

Pretty cool video.

Science provides us with these miracles everyday. Many thousands of people will fail to die today thanks to remedies, procedures, materials and knowledge all gained through science. Hundreds will be raised back to life from conditions we would very recently have called dead until science pushed the flat line further to give many thousands a second chance. More than a billion people will move from points A to B at speeds we thought were not for us, or even possible, until science gave us the power. More than a million people will fly today despite the fact that god never gave us wings. Many thousands more won't walk on water but glide across the surface at breakneck speeds on hydrofoils and more than billions will communicate in an instant across countries and continents and even some between the Earth and colleagues orbiting in space.

You can believe in a few miracles you never actually saw, reported by people you never met and never will, or you can open your eyes and look around and see the "miracles" that surround you and empower and extend your life - right now!

All of them you owe to science, which expects no worship and desires no faith. They are abundant and they are real. Sooner or later people are going to recognise this. And unlike your gods, your mesiahs and magicians, the scientists explain freely how all of their tricks are done so that you can do them too.

Face facts - if we brought the authors of the bible or Muhammad to today and showed them what we do with hospitals, communications, vehicles and even weapons it would be us they called the gods and us they worshipped once we returned them to their time. Our miracles are greater in number and more awesome than the pathetic few unsubstantiated magic tricks of the long dead wizards of religious beliefs. Wake up theists and smell the silicon. It's time to appreciate what you've got and learn what you can do.

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Stew said...

Yay to be French. Although I'm not French, I just live in France, but I bask in their glory.

Unlike the Great Britain of today, France is still capable of realising grand projects, they can still steamroll govt funds for big, glorious (useless?) things.

Mojoey said...

I miss living in France. I was great.

I had a thought while reading your post. 100 years ago a simple cell phone would have been viewed as a miracle from god - just think what it will be like when the ability to communicate with everyone is a ubiquitous as wearing clothing - how wait, that is what we have now.

I love science.

chooseDoubt said...

Stew, agreed. Grand projects are beautiful things and I'd like to see us stretch out capabilities as much as previous generations have with their grand projects, such as the moon landings, etc.

Mojoey - we're heading rapidly towards th ability to not just share words but thoughts and perceptions directly beetween anybody in the world. Not only that, but artists will create in that meidum and it's going to be something incredible to experience. I look forward to it, especially on a lazy sunday afternoon with nothing to do.